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Originally Posted by Zeboim [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
You have to be doing some really stupid shit to be in any real danger from a hog, much less in a situation where uou need full or even semi auto to protect yourself. They're wild animals, not tyranids.

That said you need to go hunting with those rednecks, it will be the best weekend you've had in years. Those boys know how to have fun, but be ready to drink from 6am to midnight.
Iím more referring to a boar to be honest. Killed a 345 lbs one in Arkansas a long time ago with a revolver. It charged and I almost shit my pants as a blew him away. Fell down dead about two feet away running right at me.. y1kEs
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Originally Posted by Patriam1066 [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Hog hunting is no joke and definitely something to try at least once
In Texas, there is a long standing tradition of hunting hog with feral dogs and knives.


*waddles off with a soured look*
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Originally Posted by PieOats [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
In Texas, there is a long standing tradition of hunting hog with feral dogs and knives.


*waddles off with a soured look*
In Tennessee I know I guy who will climb a tree with a knife and wait. Then when a nice boar wanders by, he will jump out of the tree and stab that animal to death.
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Originally Posted by Jimjam [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I'd love to learn more about hunting!

What do you hunt, where do you hunt, what do you do with the prey?

What equipment do you use? How do permits work and how do you acquire them?

What times of year can/do you hunt? How long does an exhibition last? Do you travl far and where do you stay?
I haven't hunted since I was a teenager, but I'll weigh in.

White-Tail Deer, in PA State Forests, and we eat them. We lease a cabin from the state, the club is all extended family.

.308 Winchester was my hunting rifle of choice. My cousin used a .243, Dad liked to change rifles a lot but settled on a 7mm-08; one of the guys who wasn't family (since passed on) used a .30-06. No .223 (AR-15's most common caliber), as it was considered insufficient to drop a deer. 308 Win is a fairly 'slow' bullet, was told it was kind of a 'brush gun'. Not going to deflect a bunch I guess.

Hunting Season in PA is more or less from late September to early January, specific dates available on the web. Less effective weapons (muzzleloaders, crossbows) and older hunters (65+) are allowed longer dates. Usually you can only take one deer, but depending on population you can get a "bonus tag" which allows you to take another. I believe doe & buck season are different, but memory is fuzzy.

Schools usually were off on the first day of hunting season. I recall a girlfriend cheating on me because I went hunting and she didn't want to hear about the death of fuzzy woodland creatures. (Not a big important relationship...)

Deer are most active at dawn and dusk, so you generally want to find a good spot before the sun rises, sit tight, and then wait.

I had a habit, before I started losing my hearing, of sitting and waiting for the sound of deer. I never found a deer this way, but I did find a rather large black bear, who decided it was best for both it and me to turn around and go back the way it came.

Those who already got a deer usually left their weapons at the cabin (locked/secured) and would go out on drives - make a bunch of noise and try to scare a herd into the sights of a fellow hunter.

I never got a deer, but I've butchered quite a few, including one from the side of a road (someone else hit it with a car, dad pulled over to look at it, and found it still warm and the eyes clear - a very recent kill). A call to the game commission later, we had it strung up, skinned, gutted, butchered, and in the freezer in 3 hours. Was five of us - my dad, my brother and I holding knives, my friend holding the camera, and my brother's friend holding the flashlight in one hand and holding back his vomit with the other. And that was the guy who wanted to be a cop.
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