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Old 10-17-2019, 11:20 AM
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Default Only four pets should be able to attack a mob at once, throughout Green/Blue timeline

Originally posted here:

But seeing as that thread lacks focus, and we are looking at massive Magician premades and possible pet swarming Naggy/Vox kills, I feel the 4 pet limit deserves its own dedicated post on the Green bug forum.

posted 05-02-2000 04:30 PM

hmm u dont seem to understand. look how quickly they were to nerf it. mages get one nice thing then some troll mag post and they nerfed it a few days later. and when we ask them to fix bugs like rouge pets and no more then 4 pets can attack one target do they fix that a few days later or a year later. grrr
(comment on Kunark beta spells list):

How many times have i been in the planes and dragon raids and was asked to kill my pet. The reason, only 4 pets can attack a monster at one time. Needless to say a shaman pet can't do anything compared to the other two classes.
posted June 12, 2001 05:12 AM

Verants code is such that a maximum of 4 pets can beat on the monster at one time anything beyond that doesnt work until one pet dies then the 5 th can go in.

posted 05-29-2000 04:45 AM

The max 4 pets aint that big of a problem on Dragon raids.
Pets will get Feared so usually only 4 can attack anyways
... and atleast on Nagafen raids pets are a little help and cost nothing to have up.
There probaly is a chance on Vox raids that pets get feared down in the traps .. but on all Dragon raids I been to, that havn't happend.
I guess on the new dragons Feared and Blinded pets could cause dumb trains.
But I can't really see why not bring pets to dragon raids. They will add extra dmg, and the will try to bash Vox to interupt her heal (Well .. that worked before they upgraded her Channeling).
So like the other poster said, if your guild ain't liking your pet, find an other guild.

There's a whole topic here on about it from 2002, after Absor admitted the 4 pet limit in a post on the old EQ forums:

(NOTE: I would like to keep this thread's focus on the issue of the pet limit, not the more general NPC limit which is somewhat controversial and perhaps a much bigger change. A hard limit on 4 pets attacking one mob at a time is much easier to implement without breaking other things or introducing potential exploits, I would think.)

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