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Old 09-13-2023, 08:38 PM
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Default Crawling quake challenge with no takesies backsies

The purpose of this challenge is to crawl to raid targets and have some fun! This challenge will start on friday right when a quake happens. The challenge will end at 11:59 right when the lockout begins. You are not allowed to be engaged with a mob after that time. That includes ringwar. Please ask questions in CSR clarifications.

  1. You may not use COTH, invis, or anything to bypass KOS mobs. You must crawl to raid mobs and kill them.
  2. You are not allowed to pull to the entrance of zones. You must kill mobs where they are
  3. If it's an outdoor zone and the raid mob wonders you must go that mob as a force to kill them there.
  4. Your first yellow text FTE is your target. No accidentals. If you accidentally get two FTEs the first one that is triggered is your target.
  5. If your guild gets FTE and then drops it you must wait until that target is dead to engage another raid target. This includes wiping on a mob.
  6. If a guild is caught guilty of training another guild then they must vacate the zone and not engage any raid content for 30 minutes. You are in time out.
  7. You are not allowed to train mobs at all. No train outs. Mobs are not allowed to be kited anywhere.
  8. players are not allowed to FD pull. Mobs must be killed within aggro range of where they are.
  9. If there are multiple raid targets near each other. Guilds are allowed to work together and get multiple FTEs. Each target must be tanked and killed by different guilds.
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