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Originally Posted by unsunghero [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
More people on green means competition for spots, but at least up to level 40 it hasnít been THAT bad. Splitpaw was ridiculous at times. I couldnít believe there would still be a group inside the front part at like 3am on a weekday. But that was it so far. Iím sure the high level zones are nightmares

The other big issue is quality of life features missing. You donít have a pet window so you have to use /pet report health if you donít want to have to alternate selecting your pet and itís target 100 times per fight to check health totals for charm breaks

The other big QOL feature missing is no tab cycling, which is an absolute nightmare for grouping. Normally controlling a train on Blue would involve hitting /assist [tank], then [tab] to target next enemy -> mez -> [tab] to target next enemy -> mez. Repeat until all mobs are mezzed. But that shit ainít classic, and classic EQ had shit UI and shitty quality of life. That means having to click to target enemies in the giant clusterfuck of spell effects and flailing limbs, where enemies with the exact same name can be standing literally inside each otherís bodies. Meanwhile the entire group is running around like chickens with their heads cut off looking at you like ďHEY YOU GONNA DO SOMETHING?Ē as the train of 6 mobs with identical names rips them apart

No tab target cycling is what people have told me was the specific reason they either didnít roll one, or quit their enchanter on green

Edit: I stressed mobs with identical names because I am a very fast typer and have used the command /tar [mob name, you donít need to type the full name just like the first 3 letters] to target a specific mob in a clump of mobs before to mez/root. But this nifty trick doesnít work when all mobs have the same name. Then all you can do is use whatever you have hot keyed to target the closest thing and try to click on everything else. Or run around to position yourself so a different mob becomes the closes thing so you can target it with the target closest mob hotkey. There is no tab cycle target hotkey function on green
You forgot the biggest one. Duck casting.
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