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Old 02-04-2023, 03:58 AM
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Originally Posted by pink grapefruit [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Something I've always been interested in is a "fallen" paladin. Like if you're a Tunare paladin and you kill things in the Plane of Growth, what if you lost a number of your abilities? Not becoming a shadow knight, but instead needing to pick up more melee abilities or something to make up for the lost holy powers. I think this is a thing in D&D but idk anything about D&D.

And like there's a fancy long redemption quest you can do to get your powers back maybe.

Is this anything?

Make it half elf.
In D&D5, they don't have blackguards/antipaladins/etc and now there's just Paladin's, and they are not limited to being good. They follow a god, and follow an oath, and those that break the oath are oathbreaker paladins who develop a different set of powers. Kind of like you were going for.
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Old 02-04-2023, 01:11 PM
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Old 02-04-2023, 06:29 PM
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Don't tell me they don't have a magic to their song!

Gorgen (Blue) - Agnostic Troll Warrior of the XXX Dung

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Old 02-05-2023, 01:12 AM
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Things I never did but kinda wanted to in the past 12 years?

Dark elf wizard. in my mind they NEED level 29, jboots and clicky -res staff to even begin to consider being a thing. and I am a cheap guy and still need jboots for other alts

troll shaman. just a time/interest issue. also another level 29 minimum to get fun class

things that i always thought was kinda bullshit that never happened when they shoulda?
Barbarian paladins.
How can the motherfucking Marr twins create a whole fucking race built around justice not be a thing? Barbarian Paladins would made the class itself fun
high innate str/sta/wis
My Shadowknights (troll blue, ogre green) were A+ fun because when fearkiting it would buy time or just something else to push.
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Old 02-05-2023, 12:20 PM
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barbarian paladins are called shamans
hope this helps
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Old 02-05-2023, 12:53 PM
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Ogre monk for those thicc boi flying kicks
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Old 02-05-2023, 07:10 PM
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Palabarian. 2h slam. Actual tankish stats. Man skirts.
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Old 02-05-2023, 09:47 PM
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Not on Luclin or whenever they were released.
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Old 02-07-2023, 12:09 PM
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An Ogre Enchanter named Struggles
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Old 02-07-2023, 12:28 PM
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Erudites should be able to be Bards.

Black people are obviously masters of music.
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