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Default Druid Power Leveling Services

Offering the highest quality and most cost effective Druid Power Leveling service.

The service is available to all classes, and is most effective from levels 1 to 20. Or in some cases, levels 20-30 (if you are a melee class, and at least somewhat twinked).

What you can expect:

- A fast, efficient, and friendly service
- Optimum power leveling weapons which I will lend you
- Detailed instructions every step of the way so we're on the same page
- Access to my discord server should you wish to communicate via voice


- Level 1 - 10 = 1k
- Level 1 - 20 = 4k
- Level 1 - 30 = 11k

Custom rates available if one of the above options does not fit what you are looking for.

You have the option to purchase damage shield potions at a cost of 500p per 10 charges. I make a small profit off these potions, and have them readily available should you wish to significantly speed up the rate at which you will gain levels.

Discounts available if you wish to have more than one character in your group during the PL session, or if you are a returning client.

This service will remain friendly and positive for all players on the server. We will not break any server rules during our session.

If you are interested this service, please private message me on the forum containing the current level, race, and class of the toon you wish to have power leveled, as well as the level you wish to have that toon power leveled to. Please also provide your time zone, and the times you are normally online. From there, we will work out a time for us to meet in-game.

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Old 10-17-2018, 05:27 AM
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