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Default Norrathian Erotica part 3

Must say I'm disappointed the original thread "A Collection of Norrathian Homo-Erotica and other Fetishes" was closed. And part 2 excluded heterosexual erotica! Let's keep it inclusive and sex positive shall we? Anyways without further ado~


Part 3: Neriak Third Gate - Nexii's quarters

"'s been awhile." The drow priestess was visibly anxious, standing behind the private minibar. Her hard earned Robe of Darkness was half-undone, showing little underneath aside from her black lace lingerie. The robe was still in the same pristine state as when she had obtained it some months back. The lingerie, showing off her suprisingly toned physique for one that was more magically inclined than for battle.

"You mean since we did it, Nexii? Or are you in the mood for something more kinky?" Sirken asked as a glass of Neriak Red was handed to him. His eyes fluttered around, as if experiencing some sense of déjà vu. He found her intentions often hard to read no matter how many times they played their games. A curious aura of both affection and hate seemed emanate from her on this evening.

"No, I don't mean just that. I mean since you've suspended a guild. No one's suffering from punishment lately, whether deserved or not that disappoints me. I want them to hate and fear you so much that's all they talk about, like months ago. But lately all I hear is talk about the competition," Nexii sighed. Her green eyes seemed cooler than usual as she brushed back her silvery waist-length hair, exposing a new golden leaf-shaped earring. "And don't even mention that Clue incident, banning a few randoms for raiding a zone everyone hates doesn't count. That's more of a vacation than anything."

"I don't see the problem. Doesn't that mean we have more time together?" Sirken replied.

"No! It means I have to raid every week! Even worse since all the inferior guilds got crushed from suspensions, it means we have to raid everything! But that's not the point anyways. What I'm concerned about is that they don't fear you. And while I don't worship Cazic, fear will lead to hate," Nexii explained. "Anyways they should fear random and cruel punishments. I want them to be pissing themselves in terror when getting yellow text," She smirked, taking a sip of her own glass poured out prior.

"You could quit, and become a GM at my side." Sirken replied, extending his hand out almost like some evil lord from a long time ago in a place far away. His offer was met with a giggle which became outright laughter.

"A girl like me, serving those commoners? It just feels so, beneath me?" Nexii said, walking over closer to the bed where Sirken was laid out. She nodded sideways for him to make space, and sat down beside him. "I think I'd rather just be a healer, a dominatrix, and bartender as I please."

"But you do it every raid. Enduring and serving the autism army, all for pixels. And what better pixels than what others cannot obtain - custom GM gear?" For once her counterpart was getting the upper hand, and it was showing as her eyes glared right through him with seething hatred and envy. But at the same time, her mouth was smiling with appreciation for this point. The smile made its way near Sirken's long sensitive ear as she bit down on the pointed helix. Hard, but not so hard as to draw blood from him. She wondered, if she did bite harder, would a GM bleed? Maybe it didn't matter, he'd feel the pain anyways, and she grinned again as he moaned and shook in pain. She continued this torment, her teeth eventually making her way down to his lobe. Within minutes he was a trembling mess, but also visibly erect from her physical dominance.

"It's tempting, but it sounds like too much work. I think I'd rather just feed you evil ideas and have you do them." Nexii replied after she sensed his ears had endured enough. Her hands ran down his chest, grabbing his nipples which were then twisted about.

"It's less work than raiding every last enemy that spawns on Norrath." Sirken pointed out, taking the moment to rub his tender ears. It was a struggle for him to talk clearly at this point, the cruel drowess was not in a merciful mood. He could only pant as her sharp nails dug into his chest flesh, then raking him from black to bright pink. His legs trembled in both agony and delight at the suffering. She really knew how to work him over.

"Unless you think more should hate me as well? I could be more brash with others, or try less. But apathy is not Hate. And doing so just feels so...uncreative?" She paused to collect an idea she'd put away since Halloween. "I think I'd do some sort of GM event, where one undeserving player gets a unique artifact reward. And make it known everywhere, so all the other players would hate and envy them intensely." Before he could reply, she kissing him tenderly on the lips. The kiss turned to an evil grin as she bit down on his lower lip. She wasn't going to give him too much pleasure until she'd gotten what she wanted out of him as well.

"I like it." Sirken replied, referring to both her treatment of him and his idea. "I'll take your suggestion...into consideration. Though I did have one idea of my own."


Sirken smiled knowingly as to where his next words would lead. "We were thinking to root the dragons. It would just as 'classic' as erotic roleplay," he added as he finished his wine glass off.

Her mind conjured visions as to how that would require the autism armies to expend several times their current efforts in order to get their pixels. It was so delicious, so simple and would cause so much more suffering than variance ever had. So much more conflict and clashing than earthquakes ever had. So much more suffering. Her eyes fluttered around with a far-away lost look, as she could just echo his words. "Root the dragons...!?" She murmured, drinking down her own wine to try to push her arousal away. But the Neriak Red wasn't going to help this time. In fact the alcohol only disinhibited her as she soon found herself just as naked as her partner in evil. And on top of him. Stradding him. And soon riding him, as she couldn't hold back any longer.


The pace slowed after a long night of wild drunken sex. Her body being expended from so many orgasms, and his worn out from the pleasure and pain. She'd lost count, but it was more than enough after so long.

"So...cuddling or torture in the morning?" She offered, giving her submissive a rare option to select from.

"Why not both?"
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Exmo's Pleasure place in Third Gate needs an installment into the saga! </emote busts out the popcorn while wearing his tin foil hat>
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Oh my.
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please no
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WTB logs of the Danth/Andain homoerotica that used to get spammed in global ooc.
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I'm sensing a bit of heterophobia, but there will be more to come!
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tl;dr. MS paint pictures to go with it plz.
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I'm dying, this is awesome.
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Part 4: The next morning

Nexii arose first from her nightly meditative trance. A rune glowed above the door, indicating a visitor. The priestess quickly got on her robe, and went to answer.

"Oh, hi there!" She recognized the courier, another female drow many years her junior. "Did my Goblin Slaver's Whip finally come in? I've been bugging Sirken for weeks to get Nilbog to put it into the game. What kind of MMO doesn't have whips for dark elf clerics? I mean, seriously..." Nexii rolled her eyes as she was was handed a sealed letter. The seal type on the reverse indicated it was from a dark elf.

"Fine, go. I'll just have to torment him some other way." Nexii pushed the courier away, closed the door, and made her way back to the bed.

"So what is it?" Sirken asked Nexii. He watched her intently as she unsealed the letter with her sharp nails.

"It's...a letter. It reads: 'You are cordially invited to attend a costume and BDSM affair at Exmo's Pleasure Palace. Dinner and drinks will be served starting at 8 PM server time.'" Nexii began, reading the Tier'Dal script.

"But it's Monday. Today is the one day a week I answer petitions while streaming. There will be like fifty viewers left hanging," Sirken protested before she could finish.

"Pfft. Just suspend a random puller from each of Aftermath and Tempest. If you're lucky they'll be innocent too. That'll be enough to put the glow of Innoruuk into them!" Nexii's look of glee halted as something dawned on her. "Hey! As if punishing bad players would be more fun than being punished by ME." The cleric gave the shadow knight a pinch on the shoulder, and then continued to read the letter. "'I very much look forward to seeing you there personally, Sirken. L---, Exmo.'" Her words were choked as she felt the bile forming in her throat. She swallowed back down and glared at the pink heart which encircled the signature. "We don't say the l-word, The Unspoken Word, around here. It's a tool for the weak. They'll think you are soft and then this entire place will go to hell." Nexii took a moment to nibble on his still-tender ear.

"Mmmm. You're so much better at that than him." Sirken stifled a moan as he held his hair aside.

"Oh please! And no, I'm not jealous you have a boyfriend. I think it's so cuuuute Sirkypoo. Tell me are you the dom or sub? Wait! I'd rather be surprised." Her tongue traced around the edge of his ear, and then slurped on the inside.

"I really do have to answer petitions though, or Rogean will literally have my ass. Here, take some platinum left over from Kluwengate. Buy us some outfits and snacks to take. Something impressive. We don't want to be seen as cheap. Exmo...he's kind of a big deal, you know." Sirken responded, getting up to quickly dress into his grey-green plate armor. "I'll see you there at 8 PM. Promise." And with a snap of his fingers, he was gone.
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Originally Posted by Robbyrob0627 [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I'm gonna guess at least 1 marijuanas injection
Not into hard drugs at all actually.
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