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Old 06-30-2020, 11:29 PM
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Default Rooming with my co-worker.

Sup guys! Got one of my long time friends to play P99 with me. Longer story short, we share an apartment due to our job and we will be on the same internet. Do we have to submit ID's and what not? Trying not to get banned <3
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Old 07-01-2020, 12:24 AM
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Need to put in for IP exemption or one of you needs to play on phone hot spot.
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Old 07-01-2020, 12:48 AM
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Yoer coworkers are gona think yer nuts when they overhear yer conversations
Pacifism is great as long as everyone is participating.
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Old 07-01-2020, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by ScottBerta [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Need to put in for IP exemption or one of you needs to play on phone hot spot.
Where do I put in an IP exemption?
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Old 07-01-2020, 07:22 AM
asgloki asgloki is online now
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that is what I am looking for too
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Old 07-01-2020, 07:39 AM
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From the Wiki:

Requesting an Exemption

Please keep some things in mind when requesting for an IP exemption

READ - . IP exemptions go a lot smoother when the required information is provided. Also the number of petitions we get where people clearly have not read this sticky and fail to provide basic information we need to research things is quite frankly embarrassing. A evil lizard guide is embarrassed for you

IP Exemption: This is for requesting to be exempt from the limit of 1 connection per IP Address. You may request exemption if you have more than 1 real person playing from the same IP.
When posting for this, please include the account names of every person that will be playing from the same IP, as well as the identities (real first names) / relations to those players, and please make sure that at least one character has been created under each account. Please verify the spelling of each account you specify.
This format works best:

Real first name - Relationship - Loginserver Account Name

If you fail to provide us the format we have requested it will delay your request. If you have requested an IP Exemption in the past please provide those accounts too. This will fix the "Temporary IP ban" error.

Provide previous IP exemptions you have gotten in the past if any (failure to do so will slow down your new request as we will respond asking you to list your previous exemptions)

IP exemptions are account based not server based, they also don't expire. If you have standing IP exemptions on Blue provided you are using the same accounts for Green you are already good to go

IP exemptions are not for boxing (duh) or quick swapping between characters. We are going to start issuing warnings on this (Yes we can see it). Abusing IP exemptions for quick swapping between characters is going to start getting warnings and IP exemptions removed. Menden made a lovely post about this with more detail you may find it here -

Use common sense - If you already have a paragraph long list if IP exemptions then keep using those. Yes we realize people put different characters on different accounts (I do so myself) But that doesn't mean you need an IP exemption on every single one nor does it mean are we likely to grant it. A few IP exemptions is all anyone really needs to play with their family / friends. (TLDR; limit your requests if you have a lot of accounts to the ones most important to you and your family/friends that you want to play together) </ul> For all those players who already include required information when they fill out petitions thank you, it saves us time and allows us to process things more quickly
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