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Old 10-14-2019, 06:18 PM
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Default How much does level effect resists?

If a level 40 bard tries to land fear on an enemy at, say level 50, how much more is he gonna get resisted? Is there a forumla?

How much benefit is there in closing that level gap?
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Unsure of the formula. But you'll basically never land a spell on something that is +10. It's bad enough at +4 unless the thing is fully debuffed. Level is the single most important thing you can gain in the game, basically.
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On project 1999 level is a huge factor in resisting
Note that it will never make the player completely resistant

the difference between 50 and 60 is HUGE. Even 59 and 60 is noticable.
is solid proof of this.
A level 59 player with 250 MR will get feared more often than a player who is level 60 with 250 MR

On the flip side
Charm breaks feel a bit less random at 60 vs 59
Mobs resisting your spells also feels less likely at 60 vs 59 (Note)- Mobs have save vs resist too, so a mob with 500 poison resist will still resist poison spells despite your level.
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