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View Poll Results: Do you want your pet window back?
Yes 124 35.63%
No 37 10.63%
Yes, and this change is making me not want to play the game. 75 21.55%
No, I'm glad it's gone. 58 16.67%
I love refrigerators. 54 15.52%
Voters: 348. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-08-2019, 04:34 PM
Decoy Decoy is offline
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Default For those who want their pet window back.

I'm going to put this poll up. I want my pet window back. I don't care that it isn't classic. The internet I have now isn't classic either, and there isn't a download speed limiter installed where we all have to run at 56k dial-up speed and spend 5 minutes zoning in and out. The pet window isn't game-breaking, it isn't ruining my immersion in the experience, it's just a quality of life improvement that we enjoyed. There are a lot of bugs, including with spells and quests, that could have been tended to but instead the game was worsened by doing this.

I'm not going to play for a while, hopefully they'll change their minds and revert it back. I understand those wanting an authentic experience, but not everything about the original experience was good. Don't run off the player base you have.

Yes you can make hotkeys, I've already done so and it's not difficult. That's not the point. The pet window is better. Am I capable of digging a hole to go to the bathroom in outside my back door, yes I am. Do I want to over using a toilet? No, because we have toilets and why not use them.

Note: I don't feed trolls, so don't bother. If you want to waste your time browsing a forum to shoot down people's ideas, you're too sad for me to punch down at anyway.
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Old 09-08-2019, 04:36 PM
Nirgon Nirgon is offline
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Make pet attack and back off buttons and hotkey them

You want me to do a logmein session and hold ur hand thru it? I'm an IT genius
Originally Posted by Nilbog View Post
It seems appropriate now that we relive through that timeline on a proper, fresh classic experience.
Old 09-08-2019, 04:38 PM
Vexenu Vexenu is offline
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Honestly, how hard is it to make a /pet attack %T and /pet back macros and stick them on your hotbar? Follow, guard and sit are used much less frequently and can be typed manually.

Loss of pet window is a minor inconvenience. And totally classic, like it or not.
Old 09-08-2019, 04:41 PM
El-Hefe El-Hefe is offline
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Yo, I want simulated dial up internet and 5400 rpm hdd loading times. Hell, I want them to simulate your Mom picking up the phone while you're trying to pull.

More classic plz, thank you very much.
Old 09-08-2019, 04:48 PM
Kiithsa Kiithsa is offline

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The devs created this server to be as close to classic EQ as possible. No one is trying to make you happy. They only try to make the server classic. Arguing that you don't like that they removed windows isn't going to get you anywhere.

The only way things get changed here is with era specific evidence. If something isn't "classic" and you can prove it, it gets changed. That is all.

Again, no one cares that you aren't happy. Things are either classic, or they're not.
Old 09-08-2019, 04:54 PM
goofball_jones goofball_jones is offline

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We didn't have a pet window on classic. When I started playing P99 i was surprised to see it in the game. I didn't hate it or anything, but it just wasn't in the game before.

And yeah, you can make macros and hotkey them. The pet classes aren't "unplayable" now. Give me a break.
Old 09-08-2019, 05:18 PM
tsuchang tsuchang is offline

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I don't want to have the spell book the only thing i see when i'm meding.
Pacifism is great as long as everyone is participating.
Old 09-08-2019, 05:25 PM
Magnatic Magnatic is offline
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As a mage main, It simply just makes the game less fun. I of course can figure some way to work around everything. I need 3 hotkeys for pet commands at all times, while having access to at least 3 of my spells. That leaves 2 keys for macros or clickies, which need to be up at all times. Ring 9 and Jboot. Sure, i can shift through sets, but i st ill need all those keys, and its constant switching just to post "Malisini landed on %t" etc. This forces us to rely more on discord, which is not classic, if you want to look at it that way.

I just do not think the quality of life UI and Pet window changes are prudent. I'm not asking for AA's.
Old 09-08-2019, 05:27 PM
skorge skorge is offline
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Originally Posted by Vexenu [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Honestly, how hard is it to make a /pet attack %T and /pet back macros and stick them on your hotbar? Follow, guard and sit are used much less frequently and can be typed manually.

Loss of pet window is a minor inconvenience. And totally classic, like it or not.
Let's don't lie, it's actually a big inconvenience, but you know what, the pet window was never classic, so you have to give props for Rogean for doing the right thing by removing it. Sure it's now hard to manage pets, but that's the way it was in classic EQ and that's what this server is all about...the good, bad and ugly.

I seriously give them mad props for making this change. I hope other changes are made too.
Old 09-08-2019, 05:30 PM
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If you don't use /pet back off /pet attack hotkeys already then your opinions are INVALID because you're obviously a stupid idiot.
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