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Old 10-19-2019, 11:24 AM
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Default Dark Elf Mage Diety

I plan on doing a dark elf mage for the green server. Is there any benefit on choosing Innoruuk over Agonostic? I like evil because Iíll be killing guards and bards.
Old 10-19-2019, 01:05 PM
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All Innoruuk-only gear:

Just the Mage-usable stuff:

Also I'm sure some NPCs (eg. in Neriak) will like you better if you pick Innoruuk ... but of course, you'll mostly be better off faction-wise picking Agnostic.

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Let Innoruuk's hate flow through you and grant you the power to cast down those you despise.
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The only negative is you can't buy your level 16&20 pet spells in OOT. She's a High Elf Definitely not as a follower of Inny. Probably not as agnostic but I did't check.
I think those were classic but not the ones added to the spell vendors.Those should be removed for green's launch.
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Old 10-19-2019, 06:02 PM
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If your Dark Elf Magician is Agnostic, you can set foot into North Freeport and use the merchants and bank IF you do the Janam & Rebby note passing quests 14 times each without being KOS to the wandering guards. You will remain KOS if you stray over by the temple in the zone though. You can of course use the merchants and banker if you do the note passing (18 times for an Innoruuk worshiper) but the wandering guards in North Freeport WILL be KOS to you. Naturally, you have Invis at level 8 so you can carefully use some of the merchants as well as the Bank if you simply block LOS to the one guard within the bank. I usually sit down behind the bankers to do this.

Unless I'm horribly mistaken, the Cultural Dark Elf chain armor (the imbued stuff is the bomb for fashion quest) will still require an extra gem requirement for each piece until Velious, at which point the requirement is removed and no one really cares about the gear at that stage for certain.

Agnostic Dark elves of all kinds can run the bard quests (which Green won't have initially), and Agnostics have a HELL of an easier time doing faction quests to enter Light side locations with only moderate faction work. For some strange reason Dark Elves are more acceptable as a base race than either Ogres or Trolls (or Iksar for that matter).
Old 10-25-2019, 10:10 AM
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On live many moons ago, I chose Innoruuk diety as a DE Mage. I remember having an issue with part of my Epic due to this (unfortunately I don't recall what part). I needed to turn in a piece, and I was not liked...

I also don't recall how I got around it, maybe enchanter Charm. All I remember was saying "never again" lol.

Not sure how the factions work here on P99, you may not have that issue.

I say go Agnostic
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