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Old 06-04-2011, 07:39 PM
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Nobody from TR is running around saying you suck and we rule. We are saying that not all fights are even possible for some of the guilds to beat at this time. The difficulty on the kunark raid bosses in particular has only been going up since release, and rightfully so.

TMO today had ample time to buff and prepare for gorenaire, engaged it at their leisure and got the dragon to 98% before wiping. This doesn't mean TMO are a bunch of drooling mouthbreathers who can't push the same ability buttons TR does, it means they aren't ready in terms of gear for encounters like that. Last patch reset there was some wipe action going on at Venril Sathir, the week before without the melee nerfs there was some wiping happening at Trakanon. The tactics to defeat 32k hp mobs aren't rocket science but it is a bit more involved than walking up to the target, pointing your finger at it, and shouting bang hoping that it coughs up the loots.

Nobody in TR favors camping buffed and ready at spawn points, our preference is to track and mobilize. Back in classic though a different guild adopted that tactic and set the bar to require it because they kept winning with it. There is no denying that a guild already buffed logging in at the spawn has an advantage and we had to play ball on that field. With Kunark you see us back to tracking and moving since nobody is really doing the camp thing, except that one time.... and that forced us to join in on it too.

Others have posted it too, but we love competition. There is no victory sweeter than one done in front of an opposing force or on their corpses. It's like hungry hungry hippos and gobbling up raid targets on these patch days, we missed a few old world spawns this week, as we often do, and already have the thousand monkies at TR HQ drafting up plans on how to get all the marbles.

Right now the scene on the server has guilds that had absolutely zero of the god/dragon kills in classic competing for the old world versions of them. With the top heavy balance of the server there are a lot of players wanting a finite amount of raid targets each week, but each are competing and meeting some success. When Velious is released the bottlekneck to the current bosses are basically lifted and a new titan of the 32k hp mob will be crowned when the guilds currently dominating this content will have little interest.
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