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Old 04-19-2022, 05:20 AM
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Default post-epic weapon choices and bag space, oh my bag space

I just got my warrior epic. Then, as one does, I combined a Summoned: Sword of Runes in the Scabbard, creating Blade of Strategy and Blade of Tactics. I've now banked the Scabbard. I was hoping I could get rid of some other items and free up bag space, but I dunno...see what you think.

Current aggro setup:

Current ramp tank or DPS setup:

Now, what can I get rid of, or bank?

1. Can I get rid of my trusty Infestation?
I intend to use Blade of Strategy mainhand and Blade of the Black Dragon Eye for aggro. Or is Infestation worth keeping around for its stellar low delay and/or 20 PR? Or is Infestation+Red Blade even better? :grimacing:

2. Can I get rid of my Culler?
I have been using it for "DPS" mode, when a mob is being tanked by someone else and I don't want to pull aggro, but I do want to help kill it. Perhaps now I can use Dagas 11/21 + blue blade 14/24 for no-proc, minimal-aggro, maximum damage mode; and bank my cool Culler for ceremonial occasions. Thoughts?

3. Can I get rid of my Bladestopper? 25ac 15sta 50hp shield (secondary only)
I had been using it for rampage tanking. Can I use Dagas + blue blade instead now? Or should I keep Bladestopper because it is, in fact, a shield, and therefore not subject to the AC cap?

4. Can I get rid of my Idol of the Thorned? 10ac 7str 10sta range slot
With red blade equipped, I'm at 211 Stamina unbuffed, so I can hit 255 sta with a shaman buff.
And what HP item should I aim for for the range slot? I have my bow there 99% of the time for pulling/tagging, but after the mob is in melee range, I should swap in something more tanky. I actually have an extra Ball of Everliving Golem, which has 15 hp and 2 resists...maybe I wear that??

5. bonus question: is 2-handed war epic any good for main tank duty? Or only on VS and certain other things? Is the 2-handed damage bonus in play on Green yet or naw?

ty for input, and yes this helps
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