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Old 04-18-2020, 02:31 AM
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Question Red Raidsuspension rules

I got a couple questions those suspension rules and since it might be interesting for everyone I decided to write it at a post and not a petition.

As far as I understand the intention ofa raid suspension at red, it should have about the same impact as at blue. But since we got PvP here, some parts of the rules are kind of vague here.

Q1: What is considered a "raid" on Project 1999?
A: A raid is any group of players looking to engage a raid target OR any force consisting of more than one group united in a common goal. .........
So basically a raid on red could also be a PvP fight with more then 6 people engaged of one side. I'm not talking about someone raiding here or being engaged at NPC.
- The question here is, are we violating the rules if we have more then 6 people at a PvP fight? What if we have more then 6 people at a zone and someone of a hostile guild zones in.
- If we are not allowed to have more then 6 people at a pvp fight, do we need to drop our numbers down to 6 to avoid a rule violation at that zone?
- If we are engaged to a mob we are allowed to kill with a group and more then 6 persons of another guild zone in, do we need to leave the zone? Aren't they allowed to attack us? Are we allowed to defend our target?

Q23: What exactly is off limits during a Raid Suspension?
A: Anything that has an FTE message and/or is considered more than one group content is a no (except Guardian Kozzalym, Lodizal, and Ragefire), no planes, no VP, no ToV, no ST, no Ringwar.
Since we don't have FTE messages on red, this is kind of hard to know for everyone.
- Does anyone have a complete list of all FTE mobs, or is it written down anywhere?

Please try to avoid spam at this thread, it might be interesting also for future raid suspensions and it would make it only harder to find the important informations.

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