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Old 06-24-2020, 09:25 PM
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Default Monk 40s weapons

So Iíve got a some plat saved up to upgrade weapons. Iím lvl 40 and currently rocking Jade Mace in MH and Cane of Harmony in off hand.

Heading into my 40s should I stick with 1hb or pick up a decent 2 hander? Everyone tells Rangers to go with Woodsmans staff, but I mostly see Monks using 1 handlers. What do you think?

For the plat I have, Iím probably looking at getting a Staff of Shielding as a one hand upgrade or a Peacebringer as the 2 hander

Old 06-24-2020, 09:53 PM
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Main Hand: Adamantite Club
Offhand: Stave of Shielding +1 17/28 WT: 3.2
Main Hand: Epic
Imbued Fighters Staff 38/40 WT: 4.0
Peacebringer 28/30 WT: 10.0
Runed Fighters Staff 19/20 WT: 6.0
are all great 2h options

If you plan to do any raiding, Don't use anything that procs. People bring Tstaff to raids thinking they're all DPS epeen cool and then get proc agro on the raid mob and die.
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Old 06-25-2020, 12:13 PM
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Imbued Fighters staff until 50 or epic.

At 50, Ada club main hand, SOS Offhand


Epic main hand/sos offhand

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This project is to recreate the classic experience, and not how many cocks we can suck at once.
Old 06-25-2020, 12:39 PM
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If you're on a budget, jade maces. Less of a budget, addy club / that sarnak club from chardok 2.0 / stave of shielding or peacebringer/ t-staff.
Old 06-25-2020, 10:42 PM
Snaggles Snaggles is offline

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IFS’s are insanely good and light. They are 90% a tstaff for 10% the price.

People like DW spam. There is a case for high ac mobs with DW (Especially with ntov weaps) but 2h is extremely good for duo/solo work.
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Old 07-29-2020, 12:36 PM
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How has the reworked 2H damage bonus affected Peacebringer vs IFS? Does anyone have any numbers on that?

If you have a PB, is it worth selling and buying an IFS?
Old 07-29-2020, 01:45 PM
Stonewallx39 Stonewallx39 is offline

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I’ve been using a Peacebringer now from 40-44. It’s very good, there was a noticeable improvement over my Jade Mace/Cane of harmony. I don’t (and haven’t found anyone who has) parse the numbers but anecdotally it will pull aggro away from other monks using 1hb.

As far as the IFS I think it really only starts to take off 55+ as the slower weapon dmg bonus Improves. Tbh the speed of the IFS makes it so streaky where if you have a few bad rounds you’re way behind the curve where as the Peacebringer is more moderate and will have less volatility in DPS. That being said when rng rolls in your favor a big hitter like IFS is pretty cool.
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