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Default P99 Green: Guild Review

Everything in this post is not biased. There are no playing favorites.

I will only put in the mainstream guilds aka guilds in the UN

Top End Raiding Guilds
Seal Team (Ran By Smash, Vill, Meaners, Quicken)
About them: Currently the top raiding guild on the server. They have gotten most of the server first kills on raid targets. Their guild roster mostly consists of members of the guild <Aftermath> from blue. They are very experienced in raiding and have a lot of good people in it. They are considered to be the largest guild on the server at the moment. This information might be incorrect but they use a hybrid RA + DKP system to get loot. For example: You make a list of items you want and you have to attend that raid to be eligible to be on that list. If you miss one raid, you'll be bumped down. It's like a hybrid of DKP/Loot Council but it's fair.

Pros: Top of the server at raiding, Friendly Members, Good mentors to casual guilds and players alike, Hosted a lot of Server Events, Great if you have a lot of time and enjoy hardcore raiding, they will ride and die with you
Cons: Zerg guild (lots of members), lots of raid requirements and RA needed to get loot (talking 70% +), have been the only guild on the server to be raid suspended (on both servers), not for casual players looking to get easy loot (have to prove your worth and not just be a zergling), they also have a lot of haters, a lot of their members have been banned for "stealing" holgresh elder beads

Kingdom (Ran by Cothatanii, Perplexa, variety of officers)
About them: Currently the second top raiding guild on the server. Just like <Seal Team>, they raid and kill dragons. Though they are not always as good as <Seal Team>, they have beaten them in a few targets and gave them some fun competition. That being said, it is not toxic between the two guilds and both are pretty chill with each other mostly. They consist of a few members from <Azure Guard> and <Awakened>.

Pros: Good mix of hardcore and casual players, very friendly members and have gotten three guilds to merged with them (Calamitous Intent, Dynasty, and Aussie Crew), a great alternative to end game raiding if you can't keep up with <Seal Team>'s rigorous style
Cons: Always in the shadow of <Seal Team>, members like to leave and join <Seal Team>

Casual Raiding Guilds
Force of Will (Ran by Legendary, Zalzeena, Nonphixion, other officers)
About them: They are one of the newer guilds on the server. They are the combined force of <Venerate> and <Black Lotus>. <Black Lotus> was originally <BDA> from the blue server. They merged together in the hopes of competing in Velious. They are decently sized but are much smaller than <Kingdom> and <Seal Team>. They are considered to be the third top guild on the server.

Pros: Great guild if you enjoy casual raiding but want a taste of dragon kills every once in a while, most members are friendly and nice, lots of group events
Cons: They have been known on the server to be the most "toxic" guild on the server, often petitioning against <Seal Team>, they are proned to wipe a lot on raids (it once took them 4 hours to kill Talendor), many members have left to join <Kingdom> complaining that <Force of Will> is toxic and likes to play "Favorites", they are have caused the most problems in the UN from petitioning, not helping scout rolls, causing problems in Dragon Necropolis, lawyer questing, training, playing innocent, and angering other members of different guilds.

Safe Space (Ran by Shinko and Petyrr aka Littlefinger)
About them: They are also one of the newer guilds on the server. They are a semi-casual guild on this server who casual raids. They have killed targets like Vindi, KDT, and even Kelorek`Dar. They are growing fast and they have a pretty positive environment.

Pros: Great if you love having a sense of community, lots of casual guild events (Vilefang, Lodizal, KDT, kael Platehouse, HoT), members are very kind
Cons: Lots of people have speculated that they are where all the server's "trash" washes up to (rumored), their guild leader Shinko tends to troll a lot on the UN, their co-leader Petyrr (aka Littlefinger) have been banned for boxing,

Castle (Ran by Potatus)
About them: Super casual guild. They are also on the server Blue. Known on the server to be the #1 leveling and casual raiding guild. They are decently sized and new members are always joining every day.

Pros: Great if your just starting out in the game, casual raiding, lots of guild events similar to <Safe Space>, always people to group with
Cons: Will never get to kill the "big dragons" so if you plan on doing that, this is not the guild for you, not a whole lot....they seem to have the most positive presence on the server

Savage (Ran by Meatee, Risu, ???)
About them: They are a relatively small guild focused on doing endgame content with small amounts of people. They are a crew of blue players who came over. Lots of skilled members in their guild. Little is known about them but their leader Meatee has been a kind person on the UN

Pros: Small guild
Cons: Not a whole lot to say, Savage doesn't really have a huge presence on the server at the moment.

Fires of Heaven (Ran by Alyndrae, Qenni, Kilerenn, Kaldak, Zark, and many others)
About them: They are small guild. They used to be pretty huge but as time went on, they became smaller and smaller. They are known to have lots of ties with <Seal Team> with many members leaving FOH to join them. At the moment, they only have about 20-30 active raiders and many of their senior members joining <Kingdom>.

Pros: Fun guild to raid with small numbers, often raid with other guilds such as <Castle>, super casual, really close to <Seal Team>
Cons: Dying guild with most of its senior members leaving, guild leader has been inactive for long periods of time, many former members have stated that "officers are lazy and do not listen to their members", always kissing <Seal Team>'s ass

That is my current guild review for Green on 9/7/21.
Expect another one once the sleeper has been awoken.
Good day and feel free to comment your opinions
I apologize in advance for any disagreements and grammatical errors.
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Who do I join to get the largest reward for the least amount of work?
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I appreciate this post for highlighting several of the positive aspects of <Castle>. Thanks, OP.

However, I urge all readers to take this post with a grain of salt. Here are my quibbles:

•*It is cruel to call someone's guild "dying" or claim that "members like to leave and join <Other Guild>." Some people like to run a guild. It's my hobby too. And it's hard enough to run a guild without someone anonymously claiming your guild is "dying." The courteous thing is to let other people run a guild without attempting to influence people's perceptions of them.

• To call <Force of Will> a casual guild does them a disservice, but to call them "the most 'toxic' guild on the server" is absolutely laughable. They have exceptionally compassionate leadership and have scolded or kicked out members for unacceptable behavior.

• Regarding <Castle> - We're not exactly "casual." "Casual-friendly" is what I've been calling it. And never say never.
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Originally Posted by Baler [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Who do I join to get the largest reward for the least amount of work?
baler, who are you in game

I never see you on bruh

I'm sorry for being mean to you [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Originally Posted by fable_kid [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Everything in this post is not biased. There are no playing favorites...
are you a failed comedian irl as well?
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Yall suck till you unroot dragons and disband the UN.
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looks good, however. I'd like to add that now that velious has settled in. Seal team is no longer "zergy" we raid with avg of 50-60 people.

I liked your description of the Seal Team loot list/hybrid RA thing. in my time on p99 I have never came across a loot system such as seal teams, It is absolutely confusing. And probably why there is alot of hesitation towards joining. However, once you understand it. It is easily the most fair loot system I have taken part of on p99 in my 12 years here.

It's one of the primary propaganda pieces used by other guilds to try to tell people not to join seal team.

Also, i imagine FOW is put into the casual guild selection because they don't sock any targets regularly.
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Originally Posted by CancerMage [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Seal team is no longer "zergy"
[You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

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Originally Posted by Shinko [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I am not a troll I am a ogre
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