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Old 07-12-2018, 04:16 PM
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anyone have a gnome or two they wanna nominate for Berg Blushed, a heartwarming story bout a ogre and a coupla gnomes?
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Originally Posted by Tethler [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
tl;dr. MS paint pictures to go with it plz.
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Not much of an artist. I could try and get Sirken to pose for ingame screenshots~
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Episode 7: Quickie Interlude

"Well, that was a fun time." Nexii said to Sirken, holding his hand outside the Pleasure Palace. The neon lighting showed that her hair was still speckled with blood from the previous night's revelling.

"It was one of Exmo's better parties. A shame we couldn't have slept in, but I have something planned for us today," Sirken replied.

"Oh? Do tell," she replied, locking both her arms around one of his.

"It is a place that players never want to be. I think you will be the sort to enjoy visting there, however. It's a full day trip, plenty of time before the next spawn cycle." The GM handed her one of two tickets manifested as if by his will alone. Nexii read the ticket to find the address for the tour's sortie.

"The Foreign Quarter? Ugh, I try to stay away from that side of the falls. The Commons I can tolerate, but that place is the worst. It's where the worst others congregate," Nexii pretended to gag at the mere thought of having to interact with foreign races. Her eyes rolled about as she exclaimed, "Lick my bloody cunt."

The GM raised his eyebrow, not seeming to understand. "Huh? What'd I do?"

"I meant it literally. There's still blood syrup all up in there. Your job, not mine," With a snap of her fingers she strutted off, leaving the GM to follow behind her home for a quickie.


"Always in a rush aren't we?" Sirken asked, his head down between her legs on the bed.

"The wicked never rest," Nexii replied, spreading out so he could get his tongue in deeper. " learn that one from Exmo?"

"True, and perhaps." The head GM held onto her thighs, savoring the mixture of her juices mingled in with the sweet blood syrup. If one could put the visual aspect of the blood out of mind, it was quite the savory experience. He closed his eyes, fearing some punishment might come for not wanting to bask in her glory.

Meanwhile, Nexii was casually reading Sirken's day report between moans. "Consession, consession, consession, individual suspension. Whatever happened to the guild suspensions? This is why we're always so rushed you know. I never get any time off."

"Couldn't have everyone thinking I would go easy on Aftermath just cause we're a thing." Sirken explained.

"Oh, we are a thing now? Says...who?" Nexii grinned. She could feel his tongue pressing in, teasing and coaxing her closer to the edge. It was certainly more than just a cleaning that was being provided to her this morning. Her counterpart was relentless, and his tongue lashed over her clitoris with less respite than Tempest's petitions after raid day. "Ohhh! At least a ten day, I mean....erggggg...." Her fingers clenched up as he hit an especially sensitive spot. The thought of the last guild suspension was so distant she could barely remember. But that little glimmer, a faint memory of when Azure Guard had to suffer 20 days for a single greedy player's action put her over the edge. "Fuckkkk..." she groaned, gushing out over Sirken's face in a steady stream. He looked up at her with a satisfied grin, and then returned to finish the cleanup duty.

"Okay. We can go now." She rolled over, pushing the papers off the bed.

"I'll pack up some food and drink while you get dressed. And a few other required items, some parts are a bit harrowing. But I'm not going to spoil you."

"But I want to be spoiled. Spoil me with GM-only loot. Or at least a GM-given title. 'Nexii Vanadis the Inquisitor' would be so badass. Or maybe 'the Dominatrix'...hmm, so hard to pick just one." She pouted playfully, obviously not entirely serious but one had to try.

"The Foot Kissed?" Sirken teased as he gave her naked foot a kiss and then a pat. This was her cue that they really had to go. "We don't want to miss the boat."
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Episode 8: The Dregs

Nexii's nose turned up at entering the Foreign Quarter. Even the scent was offensive here. She barely considered this area part of Neriak, and it was apparent with the disdain she showed when looking at the buildings. Few were owned by her kind, and fewer still had been built by the Tier`Dal.

"I hate coming through here. Remind me again, why couldn't we just spend another day at Exmo's?"

"Because you'll like this more, Mistress." Sirken answered. He locked his arm into hers, escorting her past the ogre guards.

"Here we have the worst kinds of players. Those that want to be Dark Elves but aren't. As far as I'm concerned, they should all be deported." Nexii's xenophobia was intense, although admittedly she could harbor attraction for a select few outside races. "Or at best serve as slaves, they certainly don't deserve their own space here. We've gone so soft. If I ran this place I'd make Neriak hate again." Nexii came up to a troll in ragged armor who stood a good two feet taller than herself. Although clearly new to the world, and barely deserving a glance from the priestess, he felt the need to comment on the pair.

"LOL. Give nudes plz," The troll said, drooling over himself at the thought of seeing the two together. Whether this was some repressed voyeuristic desire, or just typical comment caused by troll's inferior intellect, was hard to tell.

"Fuck you! You're talking to a cleric that solo healed TFA. Newbie, I bet you don't even know what that mob that is or where. Here's a hint, you're about to do the first word of the zone." It wasn't the comment itself so much as the lack of originality and effort that enraged her. Nexii seethed, her green eyes turning to red as she gathered the hatred of Innoruuk within her form. The call was duly answered, and the troll was vindicated in a glorious blast of unholy divine energies. He screamed for only a brief second before crumpling down to his knees, dying before even hitting the floor. "A shame level 2's can't be rezzed." She laughed, praying that he hadn't even bound in Neriak.

Sirken could only stare at the lifeless troll corpse. "That was" He commented. It was rare to see her lose her temper so easily, but there was something attractive about her displayed dominance. "Maybe we can, uh, work something like that into our next play session?" He asked.

"Maybe. I suppose it would only be painful and not fatal to you." Nexii sighed. Although smiting one troll was satisfying, the reality was that their numbers were legion.

"Come, it's this way." Sirken said, pointing her to a darker alleyway where she hadn't been before.

"This isn't some sort of trap is it?" Nexii asked, and just as she did a human groped at her. Humans admittedly had a little more intelligence than the average troll.

"Heard some hot bartender got the first to engage on Sirken," He said, his hand rising up to cop a feel at her ass.

"Fraps or it didn't happen." Sirken said, his eyes flickering as he scanned the human more deeply. "Seems you aren't running it, too bad there won't be proof of...this!" And with a snap of his fingers, the human was simply blinked out of existence. Deleted from Norrath, never to be seen again.

"Ooo, that's kind of scary." Nexii felt a shiver run up and down her spine. "Personally, I would have made him suffer more. But I guess we have a date to make." Nexii said.

"Yes, we're almost there. Finally, huh? Just down this hallway, and a few more turns." Sirken led her through an area which got progressively darker. Even for a dark elf it was hard to see as there was little to no neon lighting in this area.

At last the pair arrived at a bleaken iron gate.

"Ael jal kestal, ye vel'uss sultha ghil." Nexii read out the glowing Tier'Dal runes above the gate.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." Sirken repeated in the common tongue.
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I plan to do one story segment a day. But since I missed a few days I did an extra catch-up segment today.


Episode 9: Nexii's Inferno

Sirken opened the iron gate, allowing Nexii to go first. The pathway led to a river of lava, denoted 'Acheron' by a sign, upon which a stone-carved boat sat. Inside the boat sat a dwarf in plate armor with oars at his sides. Nexii approached closer, sensing a similar aura about him as Sirken.

"You must be Braknar," she surmised.

"Correct. And you, Nexii, are not one of us. What sin are you guilty of to be here?" Braknar interrogated in his typical casually accusing manner.

Sirken came up and handed his fellow GM a pair of tickets for entry to this area. "Many sins, but none exactly deserving to stay here. We're just visiting."

"Hmm, ok. We normally only allow guides and GMs to tour but I'll allow you to bring a friend." Braknar replied, reaching his stubby dwarven arms out to help Nexii inside the boat. Sirken was next in line, and soon Braknar was paddling the trio on down the river.

"So what is this place? Did you build it?" Nexii asked, inquisitively. She looked around. The area reminded her of Lavastorm and she wondered if somehow the depths of Solusek were secretly connected to Neriak.

"No, Rogean and Nilbog did. I just oversee it." Braknar said.

"You don't need to worry about taking time out of your day to tour her. I'll take care of it." Sirken interjected.

"It's a daaaate~~" Nexii teased, immediately upsetting Braknar with her words.

"This sort of thing, player and GM together..." Braknar whispered to Sirken with concern. "Hasn't she heard The Prophesy?"

"No." Sirken replied simply, and loud enough for the cleric to hear. "She needs to see this place first."

"Is my boytoy keeping secrets now? A shame I still haven't been able to find a Goblin Slaver's Whip anywhere. I'd make delicious use of it on your ass," Nexii grinned, giving Sirken a twist of the ear in lieu.

Sirken grunted in pain and acquiesced to her demands. "I'll tell you more before we finish the trip today. But for now, explain this place Braknar."

"Okay. So this place is GM Prison, otherwise known as Hell. Where all the sinful players are sent for eternity as punishment. Despite what many may think about our haphazard way of ruling, it's actually very ordered. We have nine levels, or better known as Circles. Each Circle houses a more vile type of sinner than the previous." Braknar explained. Nexii nodded on, an excited gleam visible in the corner of eye at the mention of sinners.

"And each receives a punishment in accordance to their sin." Sirken added, filling in what Braknar had forgotten to say.

"Yes. Anyways, we have arrived at the First Circle." Braknar stated, the boat coming to a stop in the river. Beside the river was an exquisite building carved out of granite. The dwarf laid back and soon fell asleep in the boat, leaving Sirken and his date to enter.

A sign on the outside read: "Law Offices of Norrath".
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Episode 10: The First Circle

"Place seems way too nice to be part of Hell." Nexii commented, giving a whistle as she stepped into the large lobby. The interior was white marble, pristine, with fine drow etchings throughout. One could tell a lot of platinum was earned and spent on the locale.

"Mistress Nexii, this Circle isn't for players who have conducted a sin against their fellow kind." Sirken explained, coming up behind the cleric to hold her by the hips. His hands brushed up her sides, and then held firm against her chest between her breasts. He could feel her heart thumping excitedly, despite her outward disappointment with the first level.

"So what did they do wrong?" Nexii asked. As she scanned the lobby, she could see piles and piles of paper stacked throughout. They were on the other waiting chairs. On the receptionist's desk. On top of the waiting area coffee table. Even on the marble floor, papers were stacked. Although organized, the place seemed very busy or at least backlogged.

"I'll have our head lawyer explain better." Sirken snapped his fingers to summon the lwayer to the desk.

"Unbrella Ella`Ella, Esquire, at your service. And you are?"

"Nexii Vanadis, cleric of Aftermath, formerly Rustle."

"My condolences, lovely miss. Welcome to the First Circle. One could say this place is no worse than where you reside, but not as you go further." Unbrella shot Sirken a quick but fleeting stare, as if judging the GM guilty of some past injustice.

"I'm a doctor, not a lawyer. In layman's terms, please."

"Surely." The lawyer snapped his fingers, teleporting the trio to a balcony overlooking the massively sized office. The office was open, and just as impressive as the lobby and exterior prior. Below were aspiring new paralegals, or 'Guides' as their nameplates read, slaving away at cubicles. There was an endless, twisting and turning chain of damned players, which wound from department to department. The players moved in unison, taking a single step every few minutes. As if it were a perverse version of lineup recharges. The players had a regretful look, as if they could have done something about their plight, but chose to stay here for some unexplicable reason.

"We the call the First Circle 'Petition Limbo'. Where all the players who harass the GMs with vexation litigation go. Those that did not accept Innoruuk's guidance, and chose instead to burden the GMs with their trivial problems. Here you see all sorts. Players who accidentally deleted their items. Players who messed up their multiquests. Players who were trained with recompense. Players who went AFK and believed their camp stolen. PVP players who petitioned because they were killed. All of these souls will forever wander our legal office, never having their petition papers resolved. Only once they find the truth in Hate, the truth that they should simply hate such injustices can they be set free," Unbrella went on.

"Mmm, that's a delicious punishment. I bet you had a hand in writing the server rules as well," Nexii commented. At seeing how diabolically evil this lawyer was, her attraction for him sparked with a lustful stare. But Sirken was her date, and loyal playtoy, and she wasn't about to stray from her own ruleset. Her eyes blinked and she regained her composure. "Another time and place, perhaps," she half-promised, turning about to kiss Sirken on the lips in a display of public affection. As she did so, she considered how few if any petitions she'd submitted over her adventures. Stranger still, she couldn't recall ever being petitioned either. Perhaps anyone who had wronged her had ended up here, by some whimsical twist of fate. She wondered to herself if she was somehow different from the other players. "I couldn't see myself ever ending up here. Although there was that one Vulak incident..." Nexii said, with a withering glare at Sirken.

"I told you, I made up for that. Ten times over too!" Sirken protested. "See what she puts me through, Brella?"

"Or what you put her through." Unbrella replied. "I hope you have enjoyed visiting here, Nexii. May Innoruuk guide you in your adventures."

"I have. Let's be on, my Sirky." She replied. She took Sirken's hand and then led him back to the boat on the lava river Acheron.
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Didn't read, but: "The retard hobbit opened his mouth"

Bless you, Filbus. Bless you with your retarded god.
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Episode 11: The Second Circle

As Nexii was getting on the boat, a new load of players were just re-materializing at the first Circle. She paid them just enough heed to see the <Azure Guard> tag, and that they were officers with tears in their eyes. Her pointed ears picked up the sounds of their lament. They had been banished to this place for their tinfoil hat petitions regarding gaming Tunare's loot table. They would now be exemplar prisoners of the First Circle. With each salty tear that fell to the ground, Nexii felt better about the loot that her Army of Autism had managed to salvage this cycle.

"I'm surprised you guys even allow those kind of petitions." Nexii said, tapping Braknar awake to continue on.

"Yes, well, we're bound to take the all the junk mail here. Every last brainless petition. Rogean's rules." Sirken replied.

The river Acheron wound its way down to the Second Circle of Hell. Here the river narrowed, and the sound overheard from the law office diminished. In fact, there was no sound at all heard. Only the swishing of the oars as Braknar easily cut through the lava, and soon brought the boat to its second stop.

"Here we are. The Second Circle. There's no GM that rules this level. We didn't really figure it necessary." Sirken rose out of the boat and then helped Nexii out as any chivalrous knight should.

"I can't hear anything except us. Are you sure there's even anything here?" Nexii asked, glaring about the darkness for some clue.

"Put on your Halo. You need see invisible for this part." Sirken directed.

"Fine. Oh! Yes, I can target them now." She could see many players, almost resembling ghosts hidden in the shadows.

"The Second Circle is that for players which have committed the sin of Asocialty. Don't confuse asocial with anti-social. Anti-social is destructive behavior worthy of a deeper Circle. These forgettable souls simply do not interact with others. A sin worthy of punishment, as Everquest is meant to be a social place where players work together. There are much better things one can do alone." Sirken gave the explanation.

"Like jerk off?" Nexii asked, groping Sirken's crotch. "Oh hey, I know some of these people. Jonwayne, Necrious, Zlundan. Wow, so many Rogue mains too! I guess that can happen when you play a class that only does DPS and doesn't have to talk to anyone." She glowered at them, watching them list about aimlessly and silently.

"Their punishment is to play the game blinded, and invisible, and muted. Although many of these players are actually very skilled at the game due to their singular focus, no one will lament their departure." Sirken added.

"Oh! I see more of them down this way!" Nexii exclaimed, running around a cave bend to see a much larger collection of ghosted players. "Auld Lang Syne. Should have figured. They don't talk or trade with those outside their guild." Nexii said to Sirken, though she knew he'd be aware of what they were.

"I kind of liked the idea of Auld Lang Syne, personally." Sirken said, wistfully.

"Oh come on! That's only because they're all masochists like you!" Nexii rolled her eyes. She then gave Sirken a sharp swat on the ass with her plate-covered palm.

"Fair." Sirken gulped, rubbing his ass then where he'd been spanked. "I suppose there isn't much else to say about this level. You could try to talk to them, but they won't reply."

"Hmm. I don't think I could ever end up here either. I mean, I wasn't guilded until level 60 but I always had..." she stopped herself of saying 'friends'. "Err, servants who willingly helped me become more powerful." She said, winking at Sirken.

"Ok. That's enough of this Circle for me. This place is boring, honestly. Come, it's this way back to the boat. The Acheron forks into the Styx ahead, a river of diseased waters.
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if you don wanna take the time to read these super delightful stories, you deserve keep pressin that button *looks sternly at siouxs*
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