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Old 11-21-2019, 12:32 PM
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3:00am is the time when spiritual activity is at its highest. It's a time when the subtle becomes more pronounced. You might have spirits tugging at you.
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Strange that you mention buzzing and eyes. I almost never have nightmares but when I do i'm never scared and i'm also invincible for some reason. No fear or pain, ever. Its not something I choose since i'm not lucid dreaming, it just happens. Things occasionally try to attack me, but I hold my ground.

And one night I experienced something different. I was in my bathroom and it was pitch black and I heard three knocks on the door. And when I opened it this face got as close to mine as possible with the loudest jump scare you could imagine, but I didn't react, I just looked at it fearlessly and without even a hint of flinching, but awaken immediately. And when I was awake my body wouldn't stop buzzing. The dream was only a few seconds but i'd never experienced anything like it. And when I experience "real paranormal phenomena", even reading about it, my body does the same thing, just not as strong as that night. Like your second comment for example.

And if you want to know some of the beings we deal with then watch this guys channel: - They're called jinn and they're beyond our visible spectrum. And whether or not you want to call them jinn, spirits, ghosts, E.Ts, collective unconscious, aspects of personality, etc, doesn't change the fact that the phenomena is real. The new age channelers think they're talking to angels for example. Nor does it mean that those other "beings" don't exist, but most of them are jinn. And its where the concepts of the "Genie", Ifriti, ghouls, etc, comes from. And their strongest weapon isn't physical possession like you see in movies, although that can happen, but its the power of suggestion without you even realizing where its coming from. Persistent whispering, thoughts, etc like the devil on your shoulder, except they're literally in your body. But there's alot to say.
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Watch this
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