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Old 10-21-2020, 01:58 AM
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Default Riot, Freedom and Azure Guard are raid suspended

This takes affect now. Any players in Riot, Freedom or AG may take a short grace period to finish their camp so they can vacate the zones.

Itís well known that the raid scene on Project 1999 is toxic, and right now it is especially so. There have been brief moments in Project 1999ís history where things were more or less amiable but that is not the case now.

Most of this toxicity exists around 3 guilds - Riot, Freedom and Azure Guard. For whatever reason, their leadership canít get along and itís making the game extremely unpleasant for a large portion of the player base and staff. I applaud Galach in trying to mediate between these guilds, but it seems none of these players will ever be happy with whatever compromise is settled on. Alternatively, something is settled on, but we end up right back where we started almost immediately.

Many members (and, more importantly, leaders) of these guilds feel the need to constantly antagonize each other in and out of game instead of simply playing the game. These players have become hyper-sensitive to every negative thing that happens. In turn, the staff gets a flurry of PMs, forum petitions and screenshots of these conversations. This behavior is immature and creates an unhealthy environment for our community as a whole, as well as our staff. The end result of this are sour relationships that will never heal if things donít change, and we are witnessing more and more escalation.

This is taking far more of our volunteer staffís time than it has any right to and is impacting our ability to keep up with the petitions for people who legitimately need help. We are down right tired of it. It is time to re-evaluate how you are behaving or leave our server.

This suspension is for ALL raid content and High-end non-raid content
Duration: Indefinitely, until the leadership of these 3 guilds determine a plan for how they are going to improve this situation moving forward. If these 3 guilds figure out how to get along and come to some sort of compromise please contact Galach, who will relay relevant information to the Raid Committee. But, I wonít be happy if we find ourselves back at this point
We(staff) will re-evaluate these guilds through how they conduct themselves in game and all communication channels we have access to. If we see toxic behavior among members, the suspension may remain and PNP violations may be handed out.

The raid suspension is lifted when a staff member comments on this thread stating so.

Please note that we have a snapshot of all members of the Guilds involved. You are not permitted to drop your guild tag to join another guild with the purpose of raiding during this time. If you are caught raiding with another guild, your account will endure a PNP violation, and blanket suspensions on all of your accounts is also an option.

Weíre including high-end non-raid targets such as Lodizal, Ragefire, Guardian Kozzalym, Vindi and Master Yael as part of this suspension. We may extend this list if certain areas of the game become a problem. It is your responsibility to check this post often.

All raid petitions between these guilds are null and void. The vast majority of them are a ridiculous waste of time.

You may enter raid zones for in-transit purposes only. To be clear, if you are bound in one of these zones and you die, you are permitted to be in that zone but you must be working on leaving. I don't want to see a player sitting in a zone for 30 minutes. TOV entrance is also a safe gathering point, but players should not be idle, you must work on a way to leave. This is something that Galach and Medris asked for. Donít abuse this privilege.

We will get PMs from upset players - we do with EVERY action we take even for the most obvious offenses. That being said, we wonít budge on this unless the above criteria is met. Figure it out. I do apologize to the general member base for being caught up in all of this, itís not your fault but something has to give.

Thanks for reading my wall of text.
Old 11-08-2020, 08:27 PM
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Suspension will end tonight at 9 PM PST / Midnight Eastern.

Thank you Riot/AG/Freedom for agreeing to some changes. You can view them here

Staff has the right to add discretion for any failed ring wars

We will be also starting a quarterly serpentine draft for raid targets. The UN will be working on a setup that will happen January 1st.
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