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Old 06-01-2018, 12:29 PM
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Default Missing Qeynos Sewer spawn

The nesting rat room in the qeynos sewers should have a third large rat / nesting rat static spawn spot at 344 344 -40 (approx where the pathing cube/drosco zombie ph will walk to in that room).

In era evidence:



# May 04 2000 at 8:35 AM Rating: Good



I camped these for a while, they spawn like 1 in 3 spawns of the 3 rats there.

The golden locket is not lore, so i ended up with 10 golden lockets when i headed to fp, and got most of them sold (i was camping 3 different spawns down there for money for several hours)

Probably verifiable by checking live (I don't have an install atm)
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I never been down there, but I got your back Jimjam:
I am doing the BoneThunder Quest , and part of it is to find Drosco in the
Qeynos Catacombs and give him a note to get the Bayle List.

I have gone to the spot he is supposed to pop, and found "a gelatonous cube"
over and over and over again.

I had someone try tracking him and sure enough he wasn;t up. I continuously
killed the cubes, but after 8 kills, he still has yet to pop
The quest has been made a bit harder<bugged?>. Drosco now spawns as "a
zombie" vs named
. Slow spawn, I don't know if it is a problem with place
holder or a triggered spawn gone bad.

He is in the same room with 3 large rats and if you kill the rats,
occasionally "a nesting rat" will appear
that carries a +3 charisma locket
and as you have noticed, a gelatinous cube. I just killed him on RZ last
week, so he still spawns.
Other mentions on ZAM for dev purposes:
Jun 21 2002 at 12:52 AM
As of this date, I can confirm that the quest is still active the way it is described by Wolten. However, the Order of Thunder amulet is a rare drop off of a rare spawn. So my suggestion is to leave this quest alone if all you are after is faction or a 2hb weapon. Unless you are seriously intent on getting the Thunder Staff. If you are, here is what I found out: I spent five or six days sitting in the room with the three rats (the nesting rat was sometimes one of the spawns). Every 25 minutes "a zombie" or it's place holder (much more common) a gelatinous cube, came in and stood almost on top of the center rat. Other mobs would wander in and out during this time but they stopped a little more towards the center of the room. The zombie will attack you at any point before he gets to this spot or after he leaves unless you are invis to undead. After he stops moving, he will stay there for a few minutes (never let him leave so couldn't tell you how long). This is the ONLY time you can give him the note from Wolten. by the way, this zombie is on the Bloodsabre faction, so you can only give him the note so often before he won't take it anymore. He will then ask you to kill him and thank you as he dies. The sealed note is a 50% drop. The order of thunder is a rare drop. Killed this guy at least once a day for five or six days and finally got it tonight. Again only do this if you are determined to get the Thunder Staff.
Left the other comments incase drop rate / behavior needs reproducing. Other verification:
Aug 14 2001 at 10:54 AM

2. Drosco stands there for a minute and walks to the the room with the three rats, as mention below. It is here that you are able to hail or give him the note without him attacking you. If you cross his path before getting to this spot, he just attacks you in normal undead fashion.

3. If not attacked in the 3 rat room, after a few minutes he walks where the "Mercenaries" are and stands there for awhile. I've watched the cube do the same thing. When arriving at the sewers, check the mercenaries if he is not in the rat room (Best map to learn the sewers is at

I've killed him on his way to the 3 rat room. Killed him in the 3 rat room. Killed him at the Mercenaries. Killed him at the spawn point. I've killed him without giving the note or hailing him. Killed him after giving the note. I've gotten the note off him every time, except when I killed him near the mercenaries, got a rusty weapon instead. I've never gotten the pendent.
Mar 11 2001
Also in this room are three large rats. If you keep killing them you will eventualy find a nesting rat that appears. It will drop a golden locket AC 3 CHA +3. So if you are feeling ugly and grungy from being in the sewers, put on the locket and you will look much better.
Apr 30 2001
What a useless friggin post. Where did you learn how to write? "so can cannot camp his spawn right." Anyway, the person who started this is right. The spawn is in the room with the 3 rats.
Sep 06 2000
Drosco does not normally drop the order of thunder amulet. It may be that the note given to you by the one that gives the quest (THE STORM IS NEAR!) must be given to Drosco in order for him to drop the amulet. This is a little tricky, since he is undead and kos etc. Give the note on Drosco to wolten for a follow up quest (delivering a note to freeport). Give the Order of Thunder on Drosco to wolten for the Thunder staff. The drop of the Order of Thunder may have been changed from an always drop to what it is now because Bloodsabers can give it to their guild as proof of having killed a knight of thunder. Droscoe spawns in a cul-de-sac (PH:gelatinous cube, beggar?) in the center of three large rats (uncommon:nesting rat)
I think... there should be... 3 rats.
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The giant sewer rat that paths between two points in the room should have been one of the large/nesting rats.

Fixed, pending update.

Also fixed one of the cube's paths so they no longer go through the walls from point A to point B. The entire zone needs polished, eventually.
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