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Old 03-12-2018, 05:56 PM
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Default Vindi Boots Color on High Elf

So I have no evidence from live because my pally never got these boots but the eq allakhazam site shows the vindi boots being 100 to each color which makes a grey velious plate. Seems like every other race I've seen also has grey with these as well but for my high elf they are the same exact color as paladin skyshrine which is slimy garbage brown. Maybe there was a mistake and the color was just made to be the same as Skyshrine? Buuut these should be a grey steel color Lol I cant really handle any more slimy garbage brown!
Old 03-15-2018, 09:41 AM
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All of the highelf color values are wrong from what I've been able to tell. Dark brown chain for Rogue chain also is "slimy garbage brown" too, instead of dark brown/almost black

i feel your pain. doodoo brown HE for the lose ):
Old 03-21-2018, 02:13 AM
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Yes, come to think of it the Skyshrine armor should be blue for paladins. Is this a troll or something on high elves? Seems like a simple color value correction. If the miscolor was orange or violet I could fashion it. If the actual colors cannot be corrected can we atleast default it to Thurgadin colorless?
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