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Old 11-10-2017, 09:46 AM
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Default Best Rogue Haste Item? FBSS vs. Velium Swiftblade vs. SCHW

As a Rogue nearing level 20, I'm wondering which of the three makes for the better haste item: FBSS, SCHW, or Velium Swiftblade. FWIW, I'm playing on Red and wielding a Frozen Shard (13/26) in MH and Kelorek`Dar Spine Razor (9/20) in OH.

The Swiftblade of course has the highest haste at 36%, but dmg is 5/24 and no stats...FBSS has no stats except 21% haste and sits in waist slot (where I could otherwise put a +STR belt), and SCHW have 22% haste and +3 to all resists, which is nice for PvP but really at lower levels I won't be encountering much of that. So, as a Rogue, any suggestions as to which of these three I should be saving for? Many thanks!
Old 11-10-2017, 11:40 AM
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Velium Swiftblade till late 40's with that Frozen shard

Belt use the TBB from Lgukk +15str is nuts & use the +15 star gloves

some massive BS with those.
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Originally Posted by Ravager View Post
Play a ROG or MONK? Rogue if you only want to push one button while playing. Monk if you want to push two.
Old 11-14-2017, 03:05 PM
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I'd save your money for the robes in epic quest. I don't think a low level rogue needs haste. SCHW would be my pick of the ones you listed though.
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Think an unhasted rogue or a 36% hasted rogue pulls more agro? Which one backstabs more often?
I've got a theory that haste is actually detrimental during the early game for a non-twink.
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I ran both parses and calculations to answer this question with a warrior. I found that wurmslayer + swiftblade and wurmslayer + 0.5 ratio offhand broke even around level 40. Before that, swiftblade won. This is just for standard melee damage. This assumes 22-24% worn haste elsewhere if not using swiftblade.

For standard auto attack damage, this should be no different for rogue. The kicker is in the special consideration for Rog class - backstab. 36% haste for a big chunk of your damage is significant.

I’d bet min/max is swiftblade until 50ish and/or you get your epic.
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In a situation where a rogue simply could not get the epic (no guild, no deep pockets, etc) or dragon haste the Swiftblade would probably be really impressive at level 60 relative to a decent offhand w/o haste. Double backstabs and all that.
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