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Old 06-01-2018, 02:52 AM
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Default Velious Armor Graphic and faction

So I fell in love with some of the velious armor graphics(female iksar plate helm I'm looking at you!) and I have no experience with velious, from live or the long time I've been playing here on p99.

So what's the deal with the Coldain and the giants and the dragons? Do I have to pick one to befriend? Is the plate helmet I seek behind some faction quest, or are there drops? I've a few characters of various levels, so is there some item I should seek out?What's the easiest way to win this chapter of fashionquest?
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You technically dont HAVE to pick only 1, but the most common is high faction dwarf / dragon. You could feasibly get high faction with all 3 but this is a headache only few want to manage. Any of the 3 factions will let you get a custom velious helmet (though Thurgadin faction one is the cheapest / easiest by far). Do Kael Arena, loot a corroded plate helmet, and then turn into thurg guy.

(Go on wiki and search [your class] thurgadin armor quests)
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Killing storm giants raises dragon faction, killing frost giants raises dwarf faction, some giants give both dragon and dwarf faction, killing dwarves raises giant faction, and killing dragons raises giant faction. Each city has its own separate leader faction (Dain for dorfs, Yelinak for dragons, Tormax for giants) that takes a bit more work and specialized killing to raise. People typically choose Dragons and Dwarves, or Giants. Giants require a significant investment of time and effort to faction, while Dragons and Dwarves are easy since you can just kill regular giants to max both of them. Dwarf gear is the easiest to get from relatively low end mobs in Kael, with dragon and giant faction requiring killing some beefier dragon mobs in east and west Temple of Veeshan, respectively.

For the most part you must be a plate class to get a custom helm. The regular faction armor helms can only be customized for plate classes, but there are a few extremely expensive helms, such as Cowl of Mortality, that anyone can customize and wear.

edit: Except for ogre warriors (other ogre classes?) worshipping Rallos Zek who are default dubious to kromzek and kromriff, you always start out KOS with dragons and giants, and dubious to dwarves. Maybe Brell Dwarves start out higher than dubious with coldain i don't know or care
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Whats a good level breakdown / guide to Kael Arena? (min level to group there as each class)?
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Originally Posted by Bummey [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
edit: Except for ogre warriors (other ogre classes?) worshipping Rallos Zek who are default dubious to kromzek and kromriff, you always start out KOS with dragons and giants, and dubious to dwarves. Maybe Brell Dwarves start out higher than dubious with coldain i don't know or care
My Dark Elf Rallos Zek worshipping Warrior started out dubious to Kael as well
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Those are good places to start, but if you want to get serious about FashionQuest you need to know about the fashion categories.

OP, you mentioned that you liked the "velious armor graphics(female iksar plate helm I'm looking at you!)". I'm not sure exactly which specific look that refers to, but (just as a for instance) let's say you saw the Champion's Crown (a Velious plate helmet), and you wanted a head item that looked like it.

If you look at the bottom of that page you will see that it has a category of "Fashion: Plate". If you click that link you'll see two things: a "fashion show" of what that armor would look like on various characters and (below that) a list of every item in the game that has the same appearance.

Of course, as its name suggests, the "Fashion: Plate" look probably isn't the one you want: you're probably looking for either Fashion: Velious Plate 1 or Fashion: Velious Plate 2. And then you also have to keep in mind that armor can have tints, so you can have two different "Velious Plate 1" items, but if one has a "tint", ie. a color fashion category (eg. Imbued Steelislk armor has a "Fashion: Gimblet" category/tint) it will have the same overall look as an item without the tint, but the color will be different.

One last bit of trivia: let's say you want the "Fashion: Velious Plate 1" look, but you're a Warrior so you only want to see Warrior-wearable items. You can use the page to search for both the categories "Fashion: Velious Plate 1" and "Warrior Equipment", which will let you see only the armor you can wear that has that look. If you find a tint you like you can also throw that category in.

Hope that helps your FashionQuesting!

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I never liked the Velious armor.

Most of the plate helms are so damn weird (Iksar and Erudite Female are kind of cool) and most of the armor except for most of the chain and Wood elf plate are boring or they look too similar to one another.

I'm all about Classic, baby.

The Velious armor graphics suffer in the same way as the Luclin models do.
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