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Old 11-05-2019, 07:50 AM
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Default Paladin Tank Weapons

Do the professional living and breathing Paladin all start legends typically carry both 2 hand and 1 hand + shield with them?

I have a decent 2h right now, but wasnt sure if I should be keeping a 1h and shield with me to use. If so, when would I use the 2h verses 1h+shield?
Old 11-05-2019, 09:37 AM
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tank is 1h / shield, you use spells to aggro.
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As Jak, I didn't really break out the 2H until the damage caps got lifted. I definitely had a much easier time not pulling aggro with the 2H.

If you're not MT, pull out the 2H for more damage; if you're tanking you'll want the shield AC. Against casters? Keep the 1h handy for bashes.
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Old 11-07-2019, 01:02 PM
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I've always carried one even though my 2 handers were always better. If your eating up to much Mana stunning casters, shield is good to have. Doesnt matter if you have epic. I still carry one since I have a jeldorin. Uses are usually if it's largely casters I use sword and board, everything else use the 2 hander.
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Old 11-08-2019, 09:03 AM
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For most casually geared paladins (like me) a shield can be a real help to get your AC up to a respectable level. My own rule is if solo/duo/trio I use my Narandi. A group with a few real DPSí (especially a charmed pet) my own DPS means very little and I go 1h/shield.

Keeping aggro is easy. Even if the shield ac/hps gives a slight mitigation bump it might keep you alive if the mob gets a few lucky melee rounds.

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Old 11-08-2019, 10:23 AM
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It depends on what you have available.

My options:

-27/29 1hander no proc + 25ac shield with 10 fire/cold/magic and some hp
-38/46 2hander 150 stun/dd with 45ac and different stats/resists

Benefits of sword/board for me are really limited to just the ability to bash on demand and the resists.

Benefits of the 2hand? More mitigation, fewer ripostes, a lot more damage, a proc that helps me conserve mana on the aggro front. Yeah shield aggro is more potent but my 2hander has almost double the AC. Average incoming hit is lower and with the slower swing speed there are fewer of them.

The procs that fire and the mana it saves translates to more *other*. Flash of light is cheap and sustainability indefinitely but the savings over time means I have more available to patch heal self/others, lull, buff/rebuff etc.

For me the choice is clear. 2hander is my workhorse and the shield only comes out when I need to bash. After the last patch it runs circles around my sword/shield for dps. Before the patch they were pretty close. I do all my serious tanking with it. Ironically I assist dps on raids with my sword/shield as the lack of proc helps me not accidentally steal aggro (it’s happened a few times in HoT if I get one of those lucky proc streaks at a bad time).

If I had a rockin ToV sword/board with high ac on both I’d probably use that the majority of the time. Then again ... I also have access to ToV 2handers which are significantly better than the 38/46 I presently use.

2handers are in a really great spot these days. Tier for tier they always do a lot more damage so it really boils down to how much a shield is going to help you survive and whether or not you need bash on demand. Unless you are undergeared your healers should have no problems keeping you up on mundane content.
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Yea this is one topic that race actually may nod you one way or the other. Maybe not influencing the race you pick but rather how you adapt to.

Two exceptionally easy items to acquire depending on your birthright...
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Flurry shield + cekenar claw or other high hp/resist 1hander?
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Sword and board until you obtain your epic or natures defender and you never really need to go back. A shield can be a stat filler but isn't really necessary.
Old 11-09-2019, 11:17 AM
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You use the best weapons you have access to. That may be a 2-hand weapon or it may be 1-hand weapon plus a shield. Using a shield for its own sake is seldom necessary. This isn't World of Warcraft where shields offer a huge bonus to durability; in this game their impact is modest at best.

My Paladin uses a 1H/shield setup simply because that's the best he has. My Shadow Knight uses mainly a 2H. He keeps a 1H/shield in the bag but I seldom use it except where I'm running through an area expecting to take hits without fighting back such as swimming through Siren's Grotto. If I didn't carry a shield at all I wouldn't likely miss it.

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