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Old 01-31-2023, 10:04 AM
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Default Archery bonus Incorrectly Using Mainhand Primary

I posted this in Velious Beta but not sure if it belongs there.

I am not sure its readily known, but archery calculates its damage bonus off whatever weapon is in your primary weapon slot. If it is a 1 hander, bonus is according to 1 hander bonus, and if its a 2 hander, its based on the delay of 2 handers. Thus it is advantageous for rangers to use Earthshaker as a slow 2 hander while using a bow.

I do not remember this being the function on live and it took me some digging but I finally found the below patch notes.

Per patch notes dating January 17, 2001:

- The ranger's "Trueshot" discipline has had its damage increased after
analyzing data from its fix last week. Prior to the last patch, all
bows, while under the discipline, were hitting as if they were 45dmg
bows regardless of the delay. Last week's patch fixed it so that damage
was based on the damage of the bow. This weeks patch increases damage
bonuses in relation to delay (longer delays yield better damage

Trueshot does modify based on the damage of the bow, however this specific note talks about adjustment of the damage Bonus Bows recieve, thus indicating Trueshot should be doubling the damage bonus from archery.

Right now niether the Trueshot, nor the range, stationary non rooted target modifies damage bonus. I suspect because the bug causing the damage bonus to be calculated off primary hand is hitting the equation as a melee damage and not archery damage. This would cause the formula to not double any bonus damage.

This is a signifcant performance nerf bug for rangers as the 2x damage and ultimately Trueshot 2x damage are major contributors to archery dps, however we see no bonus damage modifers in the current state.
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