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Originally Posted by Bobjenson [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Really helpful.

I think I'm going barb as this is more for fun and exploring.

Any recommendation on progression gear? I plan to make my own banded and help other newbs but wasnt surr aftee that.
Willowisps into Qhill bandits will fund that Banded situation. Around 20 try to get a Testament of Vanear. Try to target specific pieces you're looking for as you level and hunt in those zones. Early WIS items to chase after include-

Iksar Berserker Club in Kurn's
Prayer Cloth of Tunare in Crushbone
Testament of Vanear quest (Highpass is the bottleneck)
Paw of Opolla (Guk/Befallen)
Bloodstained Tunic in Unrest
Bloodstone Eyepatch in Mistmoore
etc etc.

If you construct your hunting list based on loot you hope to nab since you're going self-found, you can get upgrades as you level.
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Kyofu "The Cursed" Masuta- 60 Monk <Kingdom>
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