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Old 11-06-2022, 05:11 PM
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An alternative to permadeath would be my idea for a tweaked out server. Regular or 2X xp, the custom pvp damage, 1 item loot per death. You get one set of no-drop gear per 10 level brackets added to trash mobs' loot table or maybe certain pieces on some rarer or more difficult mobs. Say like if you start at 30 with dwarves, then in the yard of butcherblock you can easily collect pieces of the first no-drop set on trash mobs. This is your gear set you can always fall back on and an informal quest to get all the pieces while you level. As a gauge, you take similar items from that level range and nerf them a bit. You have the choice to either risk the better stats and be looted, or lesser stats and being unlootable. So you get item loot as an economy mechanic, fun pvp mechanic without the brutality of classic. Modified loot tables so gear is really not hard to get but still keeping the best gear gated with the harder mobs.

The only problem with this is bank space. Like in albion online, a full loot server, you have alot of space and can have stacks of items. Maybe flag all items as stackable lol? Say like you can have 8 ruby breastplates, stacked like potion components.

Then you add "junction events". Event mobs that pop in a zone in-between the 2 factions that players fight over.

Some sort of zone holding mechanic at the junction zones, with a commander thats somewhat hard to flip. Just like eve online. With an advantage to holding a zone. Nothing too crazy just something worth fighting over. Maybe a slight xp gain, better drop chances, slight coin drop boost, special mobs popping in your dungeons, off the top of my head.

I remember a horde quest in Wow classic where you accumulated items as a faction quest and then an elemental would spawn near that alliance city near tarren mills. Again off the top of my head. Some sort of collective quest that once people collect enough of X items, an event spawns.

Your server is fine as-is though, this might be alot of work, just this post getting my brain to fire off because i always thought it was a shame there wasnt this kind of modding scene with EQ. At least a substancial amount of it, to the point where theres always a couple of servers to play on with a playerbase.
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