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Old 02-07-2023, 02:40 PM
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Default Char Select UI Inconsistent

I noticed the Character Select UI is different depending on if I just joined a server or if I camped out from being in game. I also recently experienced a crash and the UIErrors.txt log relates to this inconsistent UI.

When joining from server select.
on joining the server.jpg

When camping to character select.
after camping.jpg

The crash occurred when I joined the blue server and chose a character to play. The character select screen loaded without issues, but after choosing a server the game crashed with the following UIError log:
UIErrorLog created at Tue Feb 07 10:51:50 2023
[Tue Feb 07 10:51:59 2023] Error: Could not find child Explore_Button in window CharacterSelectWindow

Interestingly, when I first join a server, I do not see the Explore button. I don't always crash because of this, but it happens once in a while. I never see the explore button when joining a server, but I do see it when camping. This happened in my normal client, which I have been using for years. I also tested in a fresh download of EQLite with fresh patch files, and I observed the same issue of the Character Select UI changing depending on how I got there.

Is this expected? Is there anything I can change to avoid the UIError in the future? Thanks
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