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Old 06-12-2018, 01:36 PM
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Default Your First Time Playing?

So I'm curious what other peoples first time playing was like. Even your first couple months.

I remember getting into it when my older brother and one of his friends played. My brother played a Paladin, and his buddy played a Monk.

I started up a Cleric, but could only play when he wasn't playing, so i used to sneak into his bedroom when he was at work and play, making sure to set an alarm for 10 minutes before he got out of work so i could sneak back out.

Once my parents agreed to get me my own account i would literally spend every second i had playing the game. Weekends i would play as late as possible, sleep on the futon in our computer room, and as soon as i woke up I would get on.

One time i got in trouble because my parents had locked the basement door (our computer room was in the basement) and i wasn't able to go upstairs, and my brother wouldn't let me use the bathroom that was in his room (also in the basement), so i pissed in the corner of the computer room. I was 12, it seemed like the only logical idea.
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I was at my friends house. And this was back when dial up was cool. And isp's put time limits on how long you could stay actively connected uploading/downloading per day. At least his did. We way overshot this limit on day 1, Friday. And his dad had a bunch of work to do from home via the internet that weekend. So had to spend several hours on the phone with his isp, explaining we had been playing a game, and he hadn't realized it was connected to the internet, etc, etc.

Lucky for us, instead of getting mad and not letting us play anymore, he just swapped isp's.
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:00 PM
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Friend's house. It was like, 1999 I think, so I was 15-16. I'd been playing dnd-like games in aol chat rooms and IMs (besides a handful of SP RPGs and war2 and stuff), and when my buddy first told me about was I thought "nah, I've already got this stuff."

But when I eventually was at his house and he had me play, I made a dark elf and got lost exploring neriak and was hooked HARD right away.

Don't remember how long it was until I had my own account. Probably got some resistance from my parents, but they caved within a few weeks. I'd get up to play for an hour before school, play after coming from from sports ball, etc. Saryrn, druid was my first guy until at like 12 I tried to travel from qeynos to Freeport to join up with my buddy's necro over there... Died in kith at night and never got the corpse back. Lectral the high elf chanter was next and my enjoyment of enchanters in eq began!

Eventually we got a 2nd phone line so my parents could use the phone will I was playing on that awesome 56k... But usually I'd just use the phone to talk to my friend while we played anyways, until the cordless phone would die each time. Lol.

Pretty typical first experience for someone who fell in love with eq at first sight, I think!
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:04 PM
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I used to hang out with a kid in the neighborhood who had the "cool" single parent that would let us cause havoc in the house. It was naturally the house every kid in the neighborhood hung out at. The kid was spoiled enough that he had a few computers in his room that his friends could play on. We were all like 12-14 years old, maybe?

We all played Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds, which was like a Korean MMO that came out in 1996...and it's still going.

One day, after skipping school and going to his house, he showed me he had a new game. He even bought a second copy and installed it on another computer so one of his friends could play.

I hopped on and was blown away.

I remember the first character I ever made: an Ogre Shadowknight.

Feerott was dark as hell, as you can imagine. Couldn't see a damn thing. I might've made it to level 2 before starting a new character.

As I'm starting a new character, I'm watching my friend play an Erudite, running through Toxx killing total darkness.

I then make a blond dwarf Cleric named "Dammer" (I'm surprised I remember that). And slowly melee my way through to level 14...somehow. I don't remember ever grouping or healing.

I ended up getting banned because I was at KFC in SK (not sure why as a 14 Cleric) and some Erudite kept jumping around me and challenging me to a duel and I got fed up and called him the N word.

Then I picked the game up a couple years later, during Velious I think and made a human monk who I leveled to 32ish...I remember camping out in High Keep Basement. Then I quit for good, well until P99.

Originally Posted by Dreenk317 View Post
Don't quote me though.
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by DinoTriz [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I ended up getting banned because I was at KFC in SK (not sure why as a 14 Cleric) and some Erudite kept jumping around me and challenging me to a duel and I got fed up and called him the N word.

our characters languish in the same purgatory [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:27 PM
Barm McLir Barm McLir is online now

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Basically, I had a friend who shoved the box into my hands and said, 'play this.'

I remember making a dark elf and saw this skeleton chasing a woman. I tried to save her but I couldn't do any damage to it. It would be a while before I grasped she was a necromancer with pet.

Along that lines, the first time I saw an enchanter animation my reaction was, 'Wow, this guy with the sword and shield is so high level I can't even see him.' He was stuck up too and ignored everything I asked him.
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:30 PM
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Half elf bard... Only understood what chords did when I was standing near a kelethin guard...
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:31 PM
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first time playing in 1999 was a half elf pally...didn't know what the fuck i was doing. made it do like 21 after a year. switched to a warrior. got him to level 51 by the time PoP came out. I sucked back then.
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Old 06-12-2018, 02:36 PM
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July or August 1999.
The D&D group was like "we can play this game instead". I was like "naw, I like UO". Then one day I was at a friends watching them play and I stopped at Walmart on the way home to get my copy.

Made a character, logged in. Aggro'd a guard by begging. Drown in a Qeynos well. Fell in that tree in Black Burrow and lost that corpse.

Finally my friend found me and asked me to transfer some things to his new char. I opened a trade window and put it all in, hit trade. He goes "ready when you are". Awww shhh**tt. No clue where that stuff went, I'm guessing an NPC. We decided to start new as dark elves. I played that DE SK steadily until 2004 and finally quit for good in 2006.
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I was working on my own multi-player game at the time, converting it from dial-up to sockets and thus the internet. You would call it a text MUD, now, but I had run it locally for several years in the early 90's and actually made money off it. So then in 98 I QUIT MY JOB to devote myself to getting my game on the internet, in hopes of getting RICH at 50 cents an hour. One day I was monitoring game development and I ran across Meridian 59, initially got kind of nervous but then played it and was like wtf this is terrible, no danger. I then kept looking and one day I ran across this new game, just out of beta, called EQ. Better check it out, hope it sucks. Needless to say, I gave up any idea of doing my little text-based MUD after having played it. Got my job back, and became an EQ addict and cubicle slave for the rest of my natural life.
The irony is that if I'd continued I bet I would have made some money, hell GemStone IV is *STILL* up and making at least some money, and it's exactly what I was doing. Ah well.
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