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Old 06-15-2022, 12:25 PM
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One thing I noticed in the tomb of last wyrmsbane was the straight-hallway corridors. Recall lower-guk, permafrost, Kedge Keep.. you have turnarounds, maze-like, confusion and frustrating for noobs, greens in this room and red who kill me in the next, ladders, drop-downs, areas to levitate across if you have the spell..

these are things original era EQ did amazingly well and were more or less scrubbed out with each passing year, this was tossed into over-drive during the Vista/X360/PS3 era to cater to player conveniences. Please reject all of that and embrace EQ, embrace computers and the weird and interesting things that can be done with this era of "low-poly".

Example: Falling from giant chain-linked islands in Plane of Sky.. edit: you can get to the invisible stairway in City of Mist by doing a levitating trick that isn't straight-forward.. it's hidden, round-about, obtuse, aggravating af at times. If the game, at least on occasion, doesn't make you want to slam your keyboard against the wall then you are using really weak-sauce. How can a player tell when he has "got good" if the game is weak overall?

This is a game of skill, like Prince of Persia
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