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Old 07-12-2019, 01:16 PM
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Druid with fungi tunic/staff whose knowledgeable about what they are doing is the fastest 1-20. People keep mentioning damage for threat and that makes bard better.. well.. two snares holds plenty of aggro for virtually no mana and the PL'ee only needs to do 1 damage. They are presumably not using a 1/50 weapon considering they are buying a PL. Even a starting dagger would do, or carry around a cheap fast weapon that everyone can use and no one would steal.

As for price that depends on how much both of you value your time and how quickly you can PL. Two hours for 4k seems cheap. I've never bought or sold a PL but I've done it plenty for friends and it's so boring that it actually siphoned my desire to play EQ away. I wouldn't PL someone to 20 for 4k, but I'd definitely pay 4k for a PL to 20. So then the cost must be worth more. Again though it depends on the PL in question.

The most difficult part of PLing 1-20 is the traffic though. Ideal zones with undead aren't even worth going to since a single fungi'd melee represents half the zone being cleared. You have to get creative there in finding out-of-the-way spots and dealing with fleeing mobs. That doesn't mean you can't go to a dungeon, you just gotta know the spots and get a little lucky. This part is why I never even considered PL'ing for money. Your plans go to pot when a fungi'd monk 8 levels higher than a camp is farming it.

On that point TIL people go to SolA now? I quit a little over a year ago and you had to basically threaten to kill someone to get them off the xp highway, and even when you did they'd bail quickly. If SolA was a bad spot to PL in it would be from the painful nukes and high amount of weirdly plump (male) goblin ass. Never tried the gnomes since I wanted my faction.
Old 07-12-2019, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuggie [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
There was a bard with a fairly high profile a few years back that had a detailed PLvling service in his Sig. Can't recall his name right now. His numbers would be a good resource to tap into if someone could remember his name...

I honestly haven't tried power leveling since they put in the cap on how many mobs can be hit by PBAOE.

For those that are still power leveling, how much has this affected the time to level someone? I would think there's a pretty big difference in speed to level someone when you used to be able to do like 80-100 mobs at once in a zone like FV vs 20 something mobs now when they were casting their PBAOE nuke.
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You're still not understanding. When you PL 1-20, you arent single pulling mobs with a snare. You want to mass aggro then. Casting snare twice through 25 mobs = way too much time spent per pull. On bard, I ae aggro probably 40-50 mobs by snaring one bunch then grabbing a whole nother kite and snaring them. Then bring them all in.

You don't need undead as long as the mobs are on similar faction or social. If even 2 mobs are up, they don't flee even at 1% hp.

People have always gone to Sol A. Its stupid good XP and money (where else are you going to go at ~23 where everything drops FS / ores with super high ZEM and low hp mobs?). Its just that a year ago, high leveled rogues and monks would sit in there to kill everything for blocks of ore to make plat.
Old 07-15-2019, 01:33 PM
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Gonna necro this thread due to the last week or so of shit.

On Friday night I logged on and found a group in Kurns pretty quick. We were happily killing skeletons for maybe 30 minutes.....then an asshole came into our area and pulled every mob on the top couple of floors. Yea, this sucked. No response to tells, ooc or anything. We'd occasionally get a skeleton but after getting around 10% of a level in an hour our group broke up.

Saturday night nearly the same thing happened except we were in the basement. This time the druid was nice enough to come by and buff the hell out of our group. Problem being if there's no mobs to kill that PotG and regrowth is pretty fucking useless.

Last night was a slightly different scenario. Turns out if a twinked to hell and back monk with high level shaman buffs wants to pull the entire barracks they can; same goes for the top floor. Congratulations monk, you can screw up an xp grind for a group.

I'm not sure if this stuff is petitionable but if it keeps happening plan on having your PL sessions disrupted.
Old 07-15-2019, 01:58 PM
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If they have over 4 mobs, you are free to take some. Overall, its zone disruption though and petitionable.
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