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Old 04-02-2018, 10:23 AM
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Unhappy Corrupted Goblin?

So I've spent countless hours camping the Tainted/Corrupted Goblin spawn in Lake Rathe (killing the upper tower mobs next to Lord Berg spawn), probably close to 30 something hours in multiple sessions, I've seen close to 50 Tainted spawns in this time and not a single Corrupted, does anyone know if the spawn is broken or am I just having the worst spawn chance in the world?
Old 04-02-2018, 01:27 PM
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its not broken
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Old 04-02-2018, 04:55 PM
Wetdawg Wetdawg is offline

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I killed a dozen or so tainted goblins before I had a corrupted spawn, sounds like bad RNG.

Side note: The barracuda in lake of ill omen and underwater goblin in lake rathe are the only two tainted mobs that don't guarantee a corrupted spawn once killed.
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Old 04-02-2018, 06:07 PM
Bummey Bummey is offline
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Not broken. I saw one just a few days ago. Wetdawg's right about it being shit luck.
Old 05-20-2018, 04:50 AM
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it works fine. i remember dying twice dying doing that even though they were green thol lol. i didnt realize they were archers
Old 05-26-2018, 10:54 AM
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Was just really really really bad RNG, as I said took me about 60(I actually stopped counting at that point) tainted spawns (countless hours/days/months) finally to get a corrupted to spawn. Just meant the spawn rate seemed way off but maybe I just have the worst luck.
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