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Q28: Where are starting lines for FTE racers?
A: Dain Frostreaver IV: Behind the archway just past the zone line.
Faydedar: On the island with the Ogre camp (#1 on wiki map).
Gorenaire: At the druid rings.
Kael Drakkal: Behind the ice/snow line at the Wakening Lands zone line.
Kelorek`Dar: At the zone in rings or Siren's Grotto zone line.
Lady Vox: Before the ladder at the zone in.
Lord Nagafen: In the entrance tunnel from Lavastorm.
Lord Yelinak: At the fountain to Cobalt Scar or Wakening Lands zone line.
Severilous: At the Field of Bone or Trakanon's Teeth zone lines.
Sleeper's Tomb: Behind the entrance door.
Talendor: At the Burning Woods or Overthere zone lines.
Temple of Veeshan: Behind the bottom step just past the entrance door.
Trakanon: At the zone in.
Veeshan's Peak: On the blue entrance pad.
Venril Sathir: The hallway between the entrance zonelines.
Zlandicar: Behind the zone in portal.
Plane of Fear: At the PoF portal in Feerrott.
Plane of Hate: Anywhere not in Hate unless actively clearing with a raid force.
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