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Old 05-21-2023, 03:16 PM
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Default Tunare statement 5/21/23

Hey Folks,

We love Everquest because there’s room to work with the mechanics available and new strategies can be developed. Like Live, Project 1999 is not perfect. The devs are always developing new code and tweaking features. Sometimes these are event mechanics, or “classic feel” code. You, as the players, are amazing at adapting to our code changes. This holds true to the current Tunare change.

It’s of our opinion an active kite should not be permitted or possible during a Tunare engage much like train outs and forever trains in ToV, it’s just not how we played it during Live or how we feel the original devs intended the events. Before the change, the link was completely broken. Right now, we don’t believe it’s breaking but the mechanics are being used to go against how we wish the event to take place.. With that said, we want more test data so we’re going to allow creative strategies to be used, but with one caveat. Staff may manipulate mobs during the engage. Tools used may include summoning or memblur. You will be given warning that we are in the zone conducting these experiments. If we find the mobs are not running to Tunare’s aid after our tests, you will be told to drop the engage and that call will be final. If you wipe due to our tests, we will not assist in recovery.

Top level management is aware of these problems and shares CSR’s opinions on how the engage should go. You may get used to a tactic and then have it change suddenly and without notice. Don’t try to abuse this mechanic too much because we all remember the solution to TOV… rooted dragon. So please have fun with this mechanic while it is still in play but remember that it may not be here long.

And as always, PM Stigion with how much you love him!
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