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Old 04-10-2023, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by VincentVolaju [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I saw another thread where people were discussing the most difficult or challenging solo self found character grind. Most people said Rogue by far. But that got me thinking ... which class would be considered the most fun to do a solo self found run?

What do you all think?

If you were going to do a solo self found character, which class would you go with? And why?
Druid, mage or necro but I'd say druid for the mobility (although DaP are never far away).

For a self funded char, you may be interested joining Aug Land Syne although I believe they have extra rules in place you may not like. Best is to contact them, ALS is a bunch of good people.
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Old 04-19-2023, 08:04 AM
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I'd say sk, because all my sk were self funded and I enjoyed them immensely... Also sk is my response for everything...
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Old 04-23-2023, 07:58 AM
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Im doing a SSF run on red with a troll DK. I'm in my mid 30s right now. I also did one with shaman but i'm stuck at lvl 19 (Hate it, DoTs are expensive. mana regen is a real pain pre canni)

It's got the added difficulty of being an evil race. If I would do another run, it would be with an Iksar monk or necro).

I've detailed some notes on where I went to leveling and gear. Its here below. There are quite some good options to get decent weapons. If I would do a pally run I would get the deepwater harpoon.

1-10 Starting Areas.
*Gear Alert: Gather rusty weapons, buy sharpening stones. Use Tarnished Weapons and raise all weapon skills. Buy Bandages and level-up first aid.

1-10 Assorted Tadpole, Mushroom Froglok between Guk and Grobb, last levels Froglok Foragers & Kobold hunters North of the zone.
Do basic turn ins with Tadpole skin/froglok meat and skeleton chips for extra money.

*Buy full set of Leather Armor + A regular weapon (2HS ideally Halberd, 1HS ideally Long Sword or Scimitar)
*If you are a large race, Get a Woven Mantle (Magic 2ac shoulder armor piece) from Frogloks in Innothule. To be able to Slam magic beings.
*Buy Combine Weapons Smith Tv`ysa in South Ro sells to Trolls and other evil races, Otherwise Gypsy camp in Oasis of Marr or Lavastorm mtn.

10-15 EC Deathfist Centurion roamers (3 spots in EC) + Roaming Lions, Beetles.
Deathfist slashed belts for WFreeport turn in for more exp + Militia Faction (with wolf form) or Grobb turn in for lower exp, but money and Grobb faction
Alt 13-15 Kithicor forest Recfek Shralok/Large spiders (gather 8 shralok bags)
Alt 15-18 Najena entrance: Skeletons dropping bone chips and bronze weapons, 2 Ogre Guard dropping Large Ringmail armor pieces. Stop before elementals (Earth ones require Magic Weapon)
Alt 12-15 EC/WC/ Nektulos Wisps Turn in Greater Lightstone Smith Tv`ysa in South Ro for fast plat
15-20 Oasis of Marr - Caiman and crocs (try to avoid deepwater caiman/crocs as they hit harder and got more HP)
Alt 17-20 Orc Alley
Alt 17-20 Dervish Cutthroat WC (Solo/Duo pulls) or SRO (roamers)
Alt 15-20 Befallen (Get keys and Barbed plate from Ogre SK)
Cutthroat rings for turn in in South Ro or WC (Militia Faction), must use wolf form if . Keep 2 rings (1AC, 2DEX)

*Gear alert:

100-150 plat Raise Blacksmith for Banded Armor
21-22 Hukluk's Helm quest (Requires killing 2 trolls in Neriak (Lvl 17-19)
20-23 Upper Guk Gaz Squire (Neck: Undead Collar and Ranged: Fork). Depending on level, might need to split spawns by using HT or pulling to ZL as you might need to kill them 2/3 at a time (sometimes a warrior + knight)
22-23 Befallen Troll SK and Dark Elf SK *Safer to drop down the hole from Female Human SK camp but with last key in hand prior. Mobs on 22 min resparn timer. Must be able to kill 1 or maybe 2 theurgists with pets to get to the Troll SK Spawn. (Legs: Barbed legplate, 2HS: Bone Bladed Claymore - better for Troll and DK due to AGI malus) Troll SK for the sword is only lvl 15 but you need to be able to beat 1 or 2 theurgist with pet on the way there.
23-28 Highpass South camp Hagnis Shralok can be single pulled if he spawns on top on the ridge. (2HS: Shiny Brass Halberd)
23-27 Highpass Gnolls north Vexven Mucktail (Cracked Dark wood Shield) Grenix Mucktail (1HS Polished Granite Tomahawk)

20-26 Kithicor Forest Shralok camp. All named other than Grand Chief Shralok 20-21. Level 22 is a good power boost due to new spells that are mostly buffs and pet. DoT/Snare permits better fear kite
I got to apprehensive with Highpass guards and was able to turn in over 100 orc scalps (was still threatening to Freeport Militia afterwards)
Alt 23-27 Highpass Gnolls north. (Faction to Dubious with HK guards, eases travels West) Turn in scalp for EXP and faction with HK Guards and Militia (eases travel to OOT)
Alt 25-30 Gorge / Beholder's Maze. 2 lower level evil eye lords.
Alt 25-28 East Karanas Crag Spiders. Good silk drops.

26-28 Najena 5 Tentacle terror spawns and Moosh. *Small gear alert: 1HS Tentacle whip drop off the tentacle terrors. They are nice for pets and aren't LORE.
28-30 Najena 3 Skeletons + Giant Black Widows between respawns (Central area)
Alt 28-30 East Commonlands - Guard Tolus and Reskin

*Gear alert
30 Sporali Defender and Moldmaster (1HS: Sporali Defender Blade)
30-35 a Pickclaw Destroyer, Veteran, Battlelord Paluk, Lord Pickclaw (2HS Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword and Long Sword).
35-37 a Pickclaw Foeseeker, Battlelord Paluk, Lord Pickclaw Blackened Alloy Armor + Coif with extra stats
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Old 05-10-2023, 02:29 PM
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Wait, slam gains magic attack from a shoulder piece?
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Old 05-10-2023, 09:14 PM
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I've been doing Kunark-only Self-found for a while now. The classes that are gear dependent are the most fun by far. You have so many targets and quests and upgrades along the way to break up the exp grind and every single upgrade feels damn good.
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Old 05-29-2023, 10:05 PM
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Necro/Enchanter/mage. Easy solo classes, easy classes to find a group in.
Honorable mention to Bard.
Sheldyn Koopa, Crusader of Greenmist.
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Old 06-09-2023, 01:44 AM
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The actual funnest is paladin Ranger sk and monk and warrior and then rogue because of the poster above mentioning how all upgrades really matter.

Vs caster naked the whole time, skipping the game
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Old 07-23-2023, 02:06 PM
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I kinda like how no one is talking about the cleric. There is a challenge [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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Old 07-24-2023, 11:06 PM
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Solo self found cleric is easy, you're just stuck fighting undead.
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Old 07-25-2023, 09:42 AM
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That was a solid leveling guide above. Only caveats I would add is that some of these spots (such as crag spiders) will be giving you high greens by the level range indicated. Which makes sense if you're doing a solo melee run, but just adjust slightly if you're following it as a caster.
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