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Exclamation Blue & Green Server: Updated Rules Kael & Dain

After a bit of discussion with players and staff, we’ve decided to take a different approach with naturally spawning major Kael targets and Dain Frostreaver IV.

The goal of this change is to reward the entity that can muster a kill force first. Don’t pull any target unless you are ready for it, stalling will be handled appropriately.

Training/trainouts will not be permitted. If you agro a mob outside of a normal split, you are required to kill it. Training mobs outside of their wings will be illegal. Raid rules still apply to training opposing forces. We do not want to see trains weaponized to block other raid force’s pullers. But if you choose to plant your raid force in the general pull path, you do so at your own risk. I.e. Vindi spawn area or ramps.

Statue/AoW and KT are required to be pulled and killed closer to their spawn points. Below are two maps, the yellow highlighted area is your designated pull and slay space. To be clear, no mob must leave their respective wing.


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While we understand the general pull/puller path for AoW is not highlighted, that was intended. We do not want players stalling by running targets around in circles through other player’s raid force. You may use the un-highlighted area below arena(3) ONLY for the initial AoW pull.

King Tormax

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After much discussion, we could not come up with a solution that would be competitive and fun for the players. We’re reverting back to the ruleset prior to the recent /random change. If anyone has any creative ideas, feel free to draft a proposal and submit it to the petitions / exploits forums.

Race will start in the Great Divide at the Thurgadin zone in. Anyone that is to FTE needs to start from this location. They will need to go through Thurgadin A, zone into Thurgadin B (Icewell Keep) before they can get an FTE. Anyone that is not part of the FTE may camp inside Icewell Keep.

What about on a quake? These rules don’t apply on quakes. You will be able to pull the target out of the restricted area. Please note that excessive kiting, wiping, not dropping your FTE, training and other PNP rules are still in effect.

Why stop the random roll rule set? The random roll rule set was put in place temporarily until staff was able to discuss and determine a fair playing ground to all.

Final thoughts
We as staff are few. You as players are many. If anyone has any well thought out ideas on how to mix up the Blue raid scene, we’ll listen. Please create a post on the petitions / exploits forums.
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