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Old 10-19-2013, 03:38 AM
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Default Bard Powerleveling

Selling Power Leveling for All Classes (Melee and Caster Classes)

How to schedule:
Due to real life obligations, preferred method is sending me a tell in game to see if I'm available as opposed to forum messages requesting a specific date. I will try to bump my thread with times I plan to be available in the near future so you know when to look for me in game. I go by first-come first-serve to whoever sends me a tell first. If you do send me a forums message, I can add your characters to a spreadsheet I keep on file and will contact you if I see you online. However, your best bet is to contact me first when you see me in game.

Typical Times available in CST (This can vary due to real life)

Usually week nights after 9:00 PM, Fridays during the day, Tuesdays during the day occasionally, and randomly on weekends.

My Credentials: Check out the link below or read reviews on this thread.

Price* based on reaching corresponding level (will charge by percentage of first level gained based on how far into the starting level a character is and by percentage of final level obtained by how far into the final level a character ends):

Level Range 1-50+ (Level 25+ classes need PBAOE Spells**)
1-10: 200p per level
11-15: 400p per level
16-20: 500p per level
21-30: 1K per level
31: 2.5k
32-35: 1.5K per level
36: 2.5K
37-40: 2K per level
41: 3K
42-45: 2K per level
46: 4K
47-48: 2.5K per level
49-50: 3K
50+: 2K per pull (Cheaper than Chardok in terms of experienced gained, and you can expect 1.5-2 pulls per level in low 50s. Experience tapers off at 54.)

Pricing Discounts
Multiple Levels Discount
If you purchase 15 or more levels or 20K worth of power leveling on the per level basis for levels 21+, all future power level sessions will be discounted by 10% on an unlimited number of characters.

Group Discount
If two or more characters being power leveled at once, a 10% discount to total cost across all players in the session is given.

Goof-Up Discount (Hopefully, no one receives this discount.)
If you or I die during a PBAOE session due to my fault, you are discounted 1K every time this happens.

*NOTE*: Multiple Level Discount and Group Discount can be stacked; however, maximum discount is 15%.

Required Spells
Max Evocation 'suggested' and following songs/spells required:
Bard: Level 2 Chords of Dissonance, Level 18 Denon's Disruptive Discord
Cleric: Level 19 Word of Shadow, Level 29 Word of Spirit, Level 39 Word of Souls
Druid: Level 24 Tremor, Level 34 Earthquake
Magician: Level 24 Flame Flux, Level 39 Flame Arc
Necromancers: Level 20 Word of Shadow, Level 29 Word of Spirit, Level 39 Word of Souls
Wizard: Level 16 Project Lightning, Level 24 Cast Force

Ethics Disclaimer
I will make all efforts to provide a service that is fast and efficient while remaining ethical. All attempts will be made to avoid interrupting other players' regular leveling experiences. I will always work with other players if there is a possibility they may feel interrupted by my power level session, and if a zone is too crowded, I may choose to end the session to ensure the client and other players all have the most positive experience possible. I may choose to end the session or deny service if the client requests I act in an unethical manner.

*Prices have been determined based on the amount of time you would save leveling.
**Level 25+ classes without a PBAOE spell must leach off of a class that does have a PBAOE spell.
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