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Old 02-23-2018, 07:50 PM
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Default New monk question

I'm currently using 2ac 15/15 hp/mp wrists and was wondering if tar goo strands are better. They weigh in at 0.8 wt and the 2ac ones weigh in at 0.1 wt.

Need a good solid answer please
Old 02-26-2018, 03:15 AM
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Really nuttin to get hung-up about
Old 02-26-2018, 04:36 AM
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dont sweat weight.. my monk weighed like 50 and tanked everything 1-60 ez yolo
Old 02-26-2018, 05:09 AM
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How the monk penalty works.

If you are a monk the following data points come into play: Based on your level you have a hard cap on the amount of weight you can carry and you have a soft cap on the weight you can carry.
Level 15: HardCap 32: SoftCap 15
Level 30: HardCap 34: SoftCap 16
Level 45: HardCap 36: SoftCap 17
Level 51: HardCap 38: SoftCap 18
Level 55: HardCap 40: SoftCap 20
Level 60: HardCap 45: SoftCap 24
Level 62: HardCap 47: SoftCap 24
Level 64: HardCap 50: SoftCap 24
Level 65: HardCap 53: SoftCap 26
Level 70: HardCap 53: SoftCap 28
Level 75: HardCap 53: SoftCap 30
Level 80: HardCap 54: SoftCap 31
Level 85: HardCap 55: SoftCap 32
Level 90: HardCap 56: SoftCap 33
Level 95: HardCap 57: SoftCap 34
Level 100: HardCap 58: SoftCap 35

Staying under the hard cap allows you to receive an AC bonus that gets increasingly worse if you are over your soft cap. Going over your hard cap will cause you to incur an AC penalty however. The way this is calculated is as follows:

If your total weight is less than your (Hard Cap - 1) then your bonus starts out as (your level + 5). If your total weight is greater than your soft cap, then a 'Reduction' is applied, this reduction is a float so decimals will come into play. Your reduction is equal to your current weight minus your soft cap multiplied by 6.66667, this reduction is capped at 100.0 then your reduction is set equal to 100 minus reduction divided by 100. Your bonus is then multiplied by this reduction value and if it is less than 0 it is set equal to 0. As an equation:
ACBonus = PlayerLevel + 5
If Weight > SoftCap:
Reduction = (Weight - SoftCap) * 6.66667
If Reduction > 100.0: = 100.0
Reduction = (100 - Reduction) / 100
ACBonus = ACBonus*Reduction
If ACBonus < 0: = 0

After that occurs the AC bonus is multiplied by 4 and divided by 3, because 'EQ Math'. As an equation:
ACBonus = (4 * ACBonus) / 3

Now if the previous case was not true and it turns out that your total weight is greater than your (Hard Cap +1) then you will incur an AC penalty that can be as bad as (your level + 5). The 'Penalty Multiplier' is equal to your total weight minus 10 less than your hard cap then divided by 100.0, if this 'Penalty Multiplier' is greater than 1.00 then it is set to 1.00. Your penalty is multiplied by 4 then divided by 3 then multiplied by this 'Penalty Multiplier'. In equation form:
Penalty = PlayerLevel +5
Multiplier = (Weight - (HardCap-10.0))/100.0
If Multiplier > 1.0: = 1.0
Penalty = (4 * Penalty) / 3
Penalty = Multiplier * Penalty

At the end of all of that, either your penalty or your bonus is added to your 'Class AC Bonus' for monks

I suppose you can consider if the worn AC of an item offsets its weight penalty using this information.
Old 03-02-2018, 11:49 AM
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Thank you jimjam
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