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Old 10-28-2012, 08:27 AM
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Default Texture patcher - Fix transparent visors/black feet etc

Ever notice half elf visors are sealed shut? Eye of Zomm is black?

These issues and many more can be fixed.

Months ago, kanras and I fixed all known texture issues. We have both been busy with RL work, and not much has been completed since. I am releasing the executable and relevant patcher so you can enjoy what has been corrected to date. Original credit goes to Ropethunder for creating the transpfx.exe file.

Examples of fixed textures:
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Other notable fixes:
  • Plate chest pieces having black spots - half elves, dark elves, etc.
  • Certain player models having black spots in hair or faces - high elf female, dark elf male.
  • Many, many models having black feet.
  • Black spots on sand giants, snow orcs, dragon wings, qeynos hills buildings.
  • Transparency issues for pegasus wings, trakanon wings, felguard visors.
  • many more
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To use:
  • Extract patch_s3d_textures.bat and transpfx.exe into your \Everquest folder
  • Run patch_s3d_textures.bat file
  • Wait for it to finish
  • Restart your Everquest client
  • Enjoy

Known problem:
  • The female human plate helm shares the same texture as the male human plate helm but does not use transparency. As a result of enabling transparency for the male plate visor a small porthole has appeared in the back of the female plate helm.

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Is this legal?
  • Yes. This includes no copyrighted files. It simply modifies your existing files.

Is this mandatory?
  • No. This is completely optional.

Can I use this for other EQemu servers?
  • Yes. Enjoy.
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