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Originally Posted by Maestrobob [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Dumping the mp3s into your EQ directory won't affect your install at all, so you'll be fine. Just know that if you're trying to get the EQ client to use them in game, it won't unless you change all of the zone emitter files (*.emt in the EQ dir) to point to the mp3 instead of the xmi. You can open any zone_emt file in your EQ dir with a text editor to see what I mean.

If you are using my soundfont to play back the in game MIDI music, it should work perfectly fine with VMS. Your soundfont chain is correct (synthusr-samplefix-BASSMIDI.sf2 only). If it's not working, then it's likely VMS is not set as the default MIDI mapper. Windows 10 has a terrible habit of changing default midi back to the MS synth on my box constantly, and if you recently rolled back it has probably reset the registry values for it. You'll have to use something like Coolsoft's MIDI mapper to change it back. ->
Bob thanks again for your help, your program definitely works and i do have midi mapper set up as such below.

my question to you and anyone else, does it feel like music does not trigger often enough? is there a fix or confirmation into this?
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