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Old 03-30-2021, 01:50 AM
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Default Server Staff enforced Ring Roll

The quest to acquire the 10th Coldain ring (Rain of Dain Frostreaver IV) involves a significant scaling bottleneck wherein one player must trigger (and succeed at winning) an event, enabling the next step in the quest. This is a mandate, any violators will be severely punished.

  • The first 7 days of every month will be won by the first player to complete the turn-in. That turn-in must occur after Sentry Badain's has respawned from his original spawn position inside the hut to one of his updated locations.
  • After that first 7 days, the following new mandate goes into effect:
  • Players will /random 1000 and the highest dice number roll wins.
  • Time limit to roll is 20 seconds from the first player roll, to prevent players from having the opportunity to switch to a second character and roll again.
  • Players must honor their roll and turn in themselves, within 5 minutes of Sentry Badain spawning.
  • The character who wins the roll must be the character to perform the turn in and loot the rewards.
  • Attacking, casting on, agroing Sentry Badain or doing anything to disrupt this event will suffer consequences.
  • In the case of tie winning rolls, the involved players will /random 900, until a winner is decided.
  • In the event of an Earthquake/server reset, FFA rules.
  • FTE lock begins at the Declaration of War & Ring 9 turn in to Sentry Badain for both FFA and random roll.
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