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Old 01-30-2010, 01:47 PM
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Default Make EQ Look Significantly Better Graphically.

5/31/2014 - All new (and old) projects will be posted at my forum I created. Visit it here P1999 Graphical mods Recent updates to my forum: Akanon completely retextured

I know most people prefer this classic server to appear 100% classic, and although the blurry nostalgic memories of bad textures are nice for a bit, I have found a way to upgrade your textures which significantly improve your visual experience. (currently working on an even larger improvement)

A lot of people have the idea that EQ Titanium already comes with the new textures (I believe Lucin brought these new textures) However, they do not for whatever reason (probably to save space, the new zone files are much bigger in file size)

From 2001: "EverQuest was first released in 1999 with low-resolution 32x32 textures. EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin will feature 256x256 textures, with some as large as 512x512. The higher-resolution textures will make the game's online fantasy world look more detailed and lifelike. Sony also released new screenshots showing off some of the game's environments using the higher-resolution textures. " -

So how does one get these new textures?


1.) (optional) Back-up all current .s3d files in your Everquest folder (sort file types by using details view in windows)
2.) Download Textures: (thanks to norova for hosting)

3.) extract RAR to EQ folder C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest (rewrite all)

and you're done! easy right?

Update 9/8/2013:

Updated character textures
If you're interested in upgrading your character textures, go here:


Texture Comparison:
1. ) In Felwithe:
2.) Qeynos
- Before :

- after :

Screen shots in Freeport (new textures):

(If anyone has texture comparison pictures with kunark, post it and ill add it. I have tested a couple zones and there is clearly a noticeable (good) difference, and the zones are a bit larger in file size just as the old world)
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