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Old 05-09-2016, 09:16 PM
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Default A Thought Revisited...

Not much good comes out of RnF but an Aftermath member shared his thoughts about the 60 minute rule the other day and I was reminded of the conversation we had in the guild summit about wanting to create a world where there is opportunity for casual paced raiding and yet still allows for that racing mentality to the speed runners.

Here was his suggestion:

After someone wins in FTE they currently get 60 mins to complete that kill. That is so that more casual guilds that like the idea of clearing to the dragon (as the game was intended) have time to do so.This rule is completely inadequate for giving casuals the time to clear to the dragon. There has already been situations that prove this, its too little time. I see no reason for a time limit for casual guilds, let them clear there all day for all I care, if they give up that day -- the dragon goes to other guilds.

It also has the unintended effect of reducing competitiveness in the A/A scene. If you are train-pulling instead of clearing, this rule gives your excessive time. Under the old system, you better damn kill the dragon once its in your camp, this isn't even true anymore.

The solution is obvious. Just reduce the 60 min rule to 30 for train pulling, remove it all together for guilds that choose to clear to the dragon. A/A will never elect to clear to a dragon, so there really isn't a way to exploit this from their end.

When the ToV/Kael footrace rule was first implemented it used to read that we had a single encounter against that mob.

We made a rule change to specifically remove someone perma locking a mob. We suggested two potential changes, either one having some measure of effectiveness.

We added the 60 minute rule and then we added the "no new FTE in any zone after getting an FTE on ToV or Kael" rule.

Is there anyway to bring back the race and excitement for the speed runner guilds and remove the time crunch for the guilds that are interested in clearing to mobs?
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Old 05-10-2016, 07:36 AM
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I think thats a good idea.

In very casual point of view it would be even better, if we just removed the footrace rule and let casuals have 1 dragon each every week or 2 weeks that are left up for 24 hours. Nothing fancy or superhard like Vulak or Vyemm, just the easiest ones rotated. That way casuals could decide when they want to kill it instead of spending hours they really don't want to spend footracing/tracking and A/As can continue the competing the way they want like they did before footracing with couple less targets each week.

If there is currently Anon/Div + CSG and maybe BDA (?) as casuals that can kill bosses in ToV and they all feel they are happy with 1 dragon per week, that would still leave 16-17 dragons for the A/As to compete in ToV each week + everything else outside ToV.

If we had unlimited time to clear on any dragon I wouldnt mind logging out every now and then to avoid getting hit by a train or even on wiping on trains that are poorly communicated.

All I'm kinda asking is 2-3 dragons each week or 2 weeks left up and uncontested for 24 hours for casuals from ToV. If more casual guilds/alliances show up and prove they can kill stuff in ToV then we can probably just rotate those 2-3 dragons between the casuals, still leaving 16-17 dragons for A/As each week.

If ToV dragons are something A/As cant give up at all, how about making rotation between casuals and A/As in VP and Trak? Give each guild/alliances a week in VP to raid that content when ever it best fits for them when its their week? And keep everything else within current rules or even remove the footrace rule if that makes A/As happier.

Just throwing out thoughts if there would be anything we could consider to preserve and respect both playstyles in this server without everyone becoming insanely mad to each others and forcing casuals for playstyle they feel is mostly not sane and forcing AAs to playstyle they cant fully enjoy..
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