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Old 04-03-2021, 10:30 PM
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Default Epics incoming! Some guidelines and rules.

We have identified potential problem areas. If other issues occur then additional mandates may be implemented. By the very nature of this game, there are bottlenecks. Many bottlenecks are in the form of camps, such as Raster or Lord Gimblox.. Any single entity locking these down for just themselves may be disciplined. You must give other entities a chance at these camps. We as staff are taking a hard stance on this. If we find that your members are causing problems the removal of items, raid suspension or PNP violations are options.

Due to the mechanics of Ragefire, we are implementing a mandatory “Rage Roll”. Below are the guidelines involving that.

o /random 1000 on spawn for 20 seconds.
o Cleric only can roll.
o Cleric that wins has to turn in immediately.
o Cleric that wins the roll must be the one to loot the heart.
o 30 minutes to engage Zordakalicus Ragefire after the 20 second roll timer.
o If not engaged within 30 minutes, Zordakalicus becomes FTE.
o This ruleset will be in place indefinitely until Project 1999 staff decides to remove it.

Rogue Hate Book

Same rules apply for this book that applies to killing named in a raid zone. In order to be eligible to loot the book you are required to get a port up after the book spawns. In addition, leaving a corpse in hate for a quick zone in will not be permitted. The race will be limited to Rogues only.

Removed on Velious Release. Able to line up at the book spawn in hate. Must stay online & be there until it's your turn to loot. Staff has right to remove people from the list if there is abuse.

Verina Tomb / Vessel Drozlin

Same rules apply on Green that exist on Blue, FTE.
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Old 04-05-2021, 03:53 PM
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Wraith of a Shissir

Same ruleset as the Plane of Fear Golems

Zone: Plane of Fear
Translocate Allotment: Not allowed
Run Speed Consideration(s): Can use Bard
Location of Engagement: Pull direct to camp
Additional Rule Consideration:
UN 15.2 - You may not use any form of dispel to FTE
Additional Notes: Your entire raid force must vacate the zone before engaging with the exception of your 2 max trackers. Those trackers may not assist at all with the pull or engage.

Removed Limitations with Velious release.
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Old 04-12-2021, 12:19 PM
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1. Can an epic cleric who was MQ'd the Ragefire heart quest segment return to win a roll to use their own Shimmering Pearl?

2. Can a cleric who has already won a roll but MQ'd the Ragefire heart quest segment return to roll again with a new Shimmering Pearl to use for themselves?

If you are a cleric that won the roll you may not roll again until staff says otherwise. If you want to MQ your heart off your pearl turnin, then you will be unable to complete your epic until we lift the temporarily restrictions.
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Old 10-24-2021, 01:58 PM
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All restrictions on the Cleric and Rogue epic quests removed.
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