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Default Conglaciation of Bones "Bug" not dropping

Hello, I was interested in this spell and wondered why it is on the P99 Wiki sites but never seen this spell in game. Here is some research and my hypothesis on why this spell potentially should be in the Velious era (Chardok 2.0) currently.

Conglaciation of Bones – Approximate timeline appears the same as Chardok 2.0 necromancer spells.

Evidence supporting October/November 2001 timeline release:
Per Magelo entry (2), an initial entry for this spell was 11/10/2001 which would place it before Luclin roll out on 12/04/2001. I compared the Magelo with 2 other spells that were Chardok 2.0 drops: Incinerate Bones and Dead Men Floating. Incinerate bones cites and initial entry of 11/18/2001 (3) to the Magelo site, while Dead Men Floating has an initial entry of 04/29/2002 (4). Though I am not sure whether Magelo is an authoritative site updated professionally or more of a crowdsourced method similar to Wikipedia entries, my point is that Conglaciation of Bones had an initial entry on a renowned Everquest data entry before 2 spell P99 has as droppable at the end of the Chardok 2.0 timeline. Magelo, I do know was started and created in 2001. Allakhazam also shows this entry as “Velious” era on its site currently (1). This is the only spell(s) for necromancer which is not showing up in the Velious only spell list (save Death Peace and “Ancient” spells).
Sources also corroborate this spell as dropped from Derakor the Vindicator and Jorlleag (2 & 3) though this differs slightly from Allakhazam (1). So this spell may have been released during Chardok 2.0, however based on evidence the spells were added to raid boss loot tables instead of a drop inside of Chardok.
In writing this, I am hoping this can be researched, resolved, and implemented in the current guideline (unless of course significant evidence supporting a Luclin release). Since this is a niche spell and seems a benign addition to a necromancers spell book, I had trouble finding any forum posts whereas I found multiple forum entries for a spell listed in the below paragraph. Hopefully, this will be enough to figure out the “bug” if evidence is substantiated.
Lastly, I am too lazy to research, but I found another spell that may have been released in this time line and added to Aarynor and King Tormax loot tables – level 58 enchanter spell Dementing Visions (very rare from posts and other sources 6 & 7).

Sources cited in this research:
1. Allakhazam page for Conglaciation of Bone: (
2. Magelo page for Conglaciation of Bone: (
3. Magelo page for Incinerate Bones: (
4: Magelo page for Dead Men Floating: (
5. TAKP Conglaciation of Bones - (
6. Dementing Visions – TAKP:
7. Enchanter balancing - drop rate of Dementing Visions:

Thank you for taking some time to look into this. Feel free to PM with questions.
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