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Old 02-14-2023, 06:41 PM
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One of the coolest bug reports I've ever seen. Apologies for adding one more "linkless" comment here, but as someone who played Live, I never, ever knew about the pickup mechanic on mobs, even across multiple different guilds and servers from Kunark through Luclin.

I suspect that most players didn't run into this situation very often, which might explain why not only do many players not remember the pickup mechanic affecting the rogue book, but why many players (like myself) didn't know there was a pickup mechanic in the game at all.
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Old 05-11-2023, 08:31 PM
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Stumbled on an earlier post mentioning item pickup:

the skinny Reply... By: Redi,
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Posted @ Wed, Sep 20th 3:46 AM 2000 Score: Decent[3.00]
These guys seem indifferent no matter what your faction (Wood Elf Ranger and Darky SK tested). Obviously, they don't aggro.
They're fairly tough for their level and like to harm touch. They will try to gangbang you if they're close enough, which can be most of the length of a room away.

They don't respond to any questions (mostly tried those regarding Sythrax) at all. They will sometimes mumble to themselves while walking along, especially when picking up something you've dropped on the ground.

Skeletal jester seemed to drop some sort of plans (a scroll, unreadable) relating to Sythrax.

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