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Old 05-08-2018, 09:48 AM
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Lightbulb <Savage> is a thing

Savage is about fun times with good buds. We have some people that are new to server, some that play off and on and take breaks, alts from pretty much every guild on red, and possibly one of your alts.

Most of us don't really fit in any of the current guild camps so Savage was created. We are currently inviting but not mass inviting, we prefer to have a smaller guild atmosphere as we get to know eachother. There are officers around Norrath, including one from each of the main guilds that can invite if you want to trial Savage. This is done to hopefully reduce bullshit and drama. Overly large personality's that prevent progress, fun, or just a good time in general will be kept in check.

Any spys or saboteurs will be bind camped and potentially sent pizzas, mormons, and scat porn.


That being said, we're open to welcoming new members that wanna adventure and quest. We play with Sanctuary, Apex, and the confusing amalgamation of whoever tf is actually in Ronin, and the unguilded.

We might kill you but we'll probably port you or buff you at some point. The three guild drama can be fun but Savage is welcoming people that aren't really interested in that and are down to work with whoever is down and pvp with whoever is down.

We like helping people and teaching some of the basics of pvp to new players to red by telling them about things such as buff placement, pumice, crimson potions, and giving them a nudge into their first pvp encounter. New applicants are given a quest to kill another player within the next couple of weeks in order to remain in Savage.

Thankfully we are able to still play the best mmorpg pvp game online together!
Hollar at us or fuk with us!

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