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Default era rules for merchant items (research requested)

Over the past few weeks, I've added several rules to merchant items, which exist for sale prior to their intended time.

I created a list of items which may or may not need rules. I see several that do, so I have decided to open this up as a community project.

Anyone that wants to check these/contribute research, feel free.

note: This list includes over 1000 items, some which are very obviously classic, but I am including the entirety of my query results for posterity.


Troll Smithy Hammer
Ogrish Smithy Hammer
Erud Smithy Hammer
Hizniltot's Scratch Pad
Ice Cream is Good - Part 2
Ice Cream is Good - Part 1
Knife Cutting Blade Pattern
Copper Sheet
Generic Coffee Beans
Feir'Dal Champagne
Block of Titanium
Large Brick of Titanium
Small Brick of Titanium
Huge Block of Clay
Latch Mold
Song: Shield of Song
Oil of Fennin Ro
King Tormax's Private Reserve
Dragons Blood Braggot
Kael Drakkel Ale
Broog's Old Peculiar
Small Tower Shield
Small Kite Shield
Kite Shield
Circle Hook
Treble Hook
Dry Hook
Steel Wire
Small Piece of Mithril
Chainmail Boot Pattern
Small Chainmail Boot Pattern
Small Chainmail Pant Pattern
Small Chainmail Glove Pattern
Small Chainmail Bracelet Pattern
Small Chainmail Sleeve Pattern
Small Chainmail Skirt Pattern
Small Chainmail Cloak Pattern
Small Chainmail Mantle Pattern
Small Chainmail Tunic Pattern
Small Chainmail Neckguard Pattern
Small Chainmail Veil Pattern
Small Chainmail Coif Pattern
Jar of Acid
Jar of Lacquer
Pick Head Mold
Spear Head Mold
Hammer Head Mold
Long Blade Mold
Throwing Axe Mold
Shuriken Mold
Javelin Mold
Throwing Knife Mold
Mace Head Mold
Curved Blade Mold
Halberd Head Mold
Axe Head Mold
Short Blade Mold
Thin Blade Mold
Dagger Blade Mold
Large Tower Shield Mold
Large Kite Shield Mold
Large Targ Shield Mold
Large Round Shield Mold
Large Buckler Mold
Small Tower Shield Mold
Small Kite Shield Mold
Small Targ Shield Mold
Small Round Shield Mold
Small Buckler Mold
Tower Shield Mold
Kite Shield Mold
Targ Shield Mold
Round Shield Mold
Buckler Mold
Large Field Splinted Cloak Mold
Small Field Splinted Cloak Mold
Chainmail Pant Pattern
Chainmail Glove Pattern
Chainmail Bracelet Pattern
Chainmail Sleeve Pattern
Chainmail Skirt Pattern
Chainmail Cloak Pattern
Chainmail Mantle Pattern
Chainmail Tunic Pattern
Chainmail Neckguard Pattern
Chainmail Veil Pattern
Chainmail Coif Pattern
Large Plate Gauntlet Mold
Small Plate Gauntlet Mold
Large Breastplate Mold
Small Breastplate Mold
Small Plate Greaves Mold
Small Plate Vambrace Mold
Small Plate Belt Mold
Small Plate Pauldron Mold
Small Plate Visor Mold
Small Plate Helm Mold
Small Plate Boot Mold
Small Plate Bracer Mold
Small Plate Gorget Mold
Large Plate Bracer Mold
Large Plate Gorget Mold
Large Plate Boot Mold
Large Plate Greaves Mold
Large Plate Vambrace Mold
Large Plate Belt Mold
Large Plate Pauldron Mold
Large Plate Visor Mold
Large Plate Helm Mold
Sculpting Tools
Small Grease Jar Sketch
Veeshan's Key
Key of the Misplaced
Key of Swords
Keg of Vox Tail Ale
Room Key # 5
Room Key # 4
Room Key # 3
Room Key # 2
Room Key # 1
Room Key # 6
Faydwer Shaker
Tail Kicker Ale
Armadillo Simmer Ale
Boot Beer
Skunk Breath Ale
About Ogre Splintmail
About Seafarer Ringmail
Legacy of Jewel Craft
The End of an Age
Helatan's Writ of Depravity
Lore of Malignancy
Diablerie II
Ipsor's Enlightenment IV
Ipsor's Enlightenment III
Doctrine of Wizardry
The Wizard's Canon
Telryd's Expansive Writ
Telryd's Writ
Malagil's Compendium Vol. 2
Malagil's Compendium Vol. 1
Reconstructing Mythology, Notes
On Terrorantula Silk
Pages from Brodders Diary VI
Pages from Brodders Diary V
Pages from Brodders Diary IV
Pages from Brodders Diary III
Pages from Brodders Diary I
Natures Beverages
Rings, Chains, and Arrowheads
Fireprides Guide to Shield Craft
Ikthars Fine Steel Skin
Renux's Translations
Miners Guide to Toxicology
Conium's Notebook Part Two
Conium's Notebook Part One
Tailoring Quivers
Journal of Gimblestan XXXIII
Dirge of the ForgeFire
An Old Delivered Book
Delivered Note
Letters of Jonas Vol. 5
Letters of Jonas Vol. 4
Letters of Jonas Vol. 3
Letters of Jonas Vol. 2
Letters of Jonas Vol. 1
Sorin's Tasty Kills
Sorin's Treats on the Go
Rohand's Edibles
Rohand's Sea Treats
On Languages
Journal of Gimblestan XV
Journal of Gimblestan XIV
Ghumim's Classical Dishes
Ghumim's Delights
Vaashar's Sweet Revenge
Vaashar's Sweet Treats
Journal of Gimblestan XI
A Bowyers Guide
Basic Pottery
Armor and Weapons Guide
Basic Blacksmithing
Xectia's Hot Pie
Xectia's Favored Flavors
Brewer's Limericks
Binelen's Succulence
Binelen's Quick Treats
Mixxy's Delicacies Vol 2
Mixxy's Delicacies Vol 1
How To Sew: Large Sizes
How To Sew: Small Sizes
How To Sew: Medium Sizes
Leathers of the Vale
Old Paineel
The Crafty Tailor
How to Dye and Stain
Blank Scroll Sheets
Jeweler's Kit
Fletching Kit
Small Sewing Kit
Mixing Bowl
Mortar and Pestle
Medicine Bag
Large Sewing Kit
Worn Erudite Sewing Kit
Book of Ancient Restoration
Elemental Grimoire
Book of Dark Bindings
Tome of Endless Enchantments
Jade Inlaid Coffin
Box of the Void
Tackle Box
Large Box
Small Box
Large Bag
Small Bag
Belt Pouch
Wrist Pouch
Larent Suspension
Constrict Suspension
Sealed Vial Sketch
Lined Vial Sketch
Vial Sketch
Sealed Poison Vial
Lined Poison Vial
Poison Vial
Ceramic Lining Sketch
Large Bowl Sketch
Medium Bowl Sketch
Muffin Tin Sketch
Cake Round Sketch
Pie Tin Sketch
Smoker Sketch
Small Deity Sketch
Pot Sketch
Bowl Sketch
Large Jar Sketch
Medium Jar Sketch
Small Jar Sketch
Skewers Sketch
Animal Template
Troll Template
Gnome Template
Barbarian Template
High Quality Firing Sheet
Quality Firing Sheet
Firing Sheet
Glass Shard
Large Block of Clay
Block of Clay
Small Block of Clay
Idol Sketch
Large Black Lodestone
Lime Coated Meshing
Sharkskin Tubing
Fine Coral Mesh
Metal Fastening
Static Orb
Gnomish Compass
Silk Lined Steel Helm
Gnomish Bolts
Reflective Shard
Metal Twine
Metal Shaft
Steel Lined Gloves
Metal Rod
Lead Sulphide
Wine Yeast
Elf Leaf
Balm Leaves
Vetiver Root
Stinging Nettle
Burdock Root
Sea Spirit
Vox's Dust
Alkanet Root
Platinum Bar
Gold Bar
Electrum Bar
Silver Bar
Packet of Kiola Sap
Whip Pattern
Spell: Ultravision
Water of Povar
Broken Block of Ore
Wolf's Eye Agate
Rehim's Robe
Spell: Enchant Adamantite
Spell: Covetous Subversion
Spell: Rapacious Subvention
Spell: Scent of Darkness
Spell: Scent of Shadow
Spell: Scent of Dusk
Spell: Shadow Compact
Spell: Leach
Spell: Asystole
Spell: Renew Summoning
Spell: Renew Elements
Spell: Modulating Rod
Spell: Rend
Song: Solon's Bravura
Song: Jonthan's Provocation
Song: Niv's Melody of Preservation
Song: Verses of Victory
Song: Selo's Chords of Cessation
Song: Cassindra`s Elegy
Song: Tuyen's Chant of Frost
Song: Tuyen's Chant of Flame
Song: Denon's Desperate Dirge
Song: Crission's Pixie Strike
Song: Vilia's Verses of Celerity
Song: Melanie's Mellifluous Motion
Song: Selo's Consonant Chain
Song: Lyssa's Cataloging Libretto
Song: Denon's Dissension
Song: Lyssa's Veracious Concord
Song: Jonthan's Whistling Warsong
Song: Denon's Disruptive Discord
Song: Tarew's Aquatic Ayre
Song: Kelin's Lugubrious Lament
Song: Alenia's Disenchanting Melody
Song: Syvelian's Anti-Magic Aria
Song: Solon's Song of the Sirens
Song: Kelin's Lucid Lullaby
Song: Cassindra`s Chorus of Clarity
Song: Jaxan's Jig o' Vigor
Song: Lyssa's Solidarity of Vision
Song: Lyssa's Locating Lyric
Song: Shauri's Sonorous Clouding
Song: Agilmente's Aria of Eagles
Song: Selo's Accelerando
Song: Psalm of Purity
Song: Psalm of Vitality
Song: Psalm of Mystic Shielding
Song: Psalm of Cooling
Song: Psalm of Warmth
Song: Purifying Rhythms
Song: Elemental Rhythms
Song: Guardian Rhythms
Song: Cinda's Charismatic Carillon
Song: Fufil's Curtailing Chant
Song: Angstlichs Appalling Screech
Song: Largo's Melodic Binding
Song: Brusco's Boastful Bellow
Song: Chords of Dissonance
Song: McVaxius Berserker Crescendo
Song: Anthem de Arms
Song: Chant of Battle
Spell: Purify Mana
Spell: Distill Mana
Spell: Pact of Shadow
Spell: Kintaz`s Animation
Spell: Yegoreff`s Animation
Spell: Aanya`s Animation
Spell: Boltran`s Animation
Spell: Uleen`s Animation
Spell: Sagar`s Animation
Spell: Sisna`s Animation
Spell: Shalee`s Animation
Spell: Kilan`s Animation
Spell: Juli`s Animation
Spell: Barrier of Combustion
Spell: Heat Sight
Spell: Tashani
Spell: Tashan
Spell: Hammer of Requital
Spell: Alter Plane: Sky
Spell: Discordant Mind
Spell: Retribution
Spell: Starfire
Spell: Enchant Platinum
Spell: Enchant Gold
Spell: Enchant Electrum
Spell: Enchant Silver
Spell: Alter Plane: Hate
Spell: Drifting Death
Spell: Expel Summoned
Spell: Expulse Summoned
Spell: Expel Undead
Spell: Augment Death
Spell: Frost Storm
Spell: Conflagration
Spell: Ice Shock
Spell: Flame Shock
Spell: Shock of Ice
Spell: Eyes of the Cat
Spell: Shadow
Spell: Shade
Spell: Obscure
Spell: Cloud
Spell: Mist
Spell: Protect
Spell: Rampage
Spell: Adorning Grace
Spell: Ebbing Strength
Spell: Allure of Death
Spell: Dark Pact
Spell: Creeping Vision
Spell: Bonds of Force
Spell: Greater Conjuration: Earth
Spell: Conjuration: Fire
Spell: Lesser Conjuration: Air
Spell: Lesser Conjuration: Fire
Spell: Minor Conjuration: Water
Spell: Minor Conjuration: Earth
Spell: Dyn`s Dizzying Draught
Spell: Dimensional Hole
Spell: Sword of Runes
Spell: Staff of Symbols
Spell: Staff of Runes
Spell: Staff of Warding
Spell: Staff of Tracing
Spell: Markar`s Clash
Spell: Succor: North
Spell: Succor: Lavastorm
Spell: Succor: Ro
Spell: Succor: Butcher
Spell: Succor: East
Spell: Evacuate: West
Spell: Evacuate: Nek
Spell: Evacuate: Ro
Spell: Evacuate: Fay
Spell: Evacuate: North
Spell: Illusion: Tree
Spell: Illusion: Spirit Wolf
Spell: Illusion: Water Elemental
Spell: Illusion: Fire Elemental
Spell: Illusion: Air Elemental
Spell: Illusion: Drybone
Spell: Illusion: Gnome
Spell: Illusion: Halfling
Spell: Illusion: Ogre
Spell: Illusion: Troll
Spell: Illusion: Dwarf
Spell: Illusion: Dark Elf
Spell: Illusion: High Elf
Spell: Illusion: Wood Elf
Spell: Illusion: Erudite
Spell: Illusion: Barbarian
Spell: Illusion: Werewolf
Spell: Illusion: Earth Elemental
Spell: Illusion: Half Elf
Spell: Illusion: Human
Spell: Illusion: Skeleton
Spell: Vision
Spell: Magnify
Spell: Sight
Spell: Vigilant Spirit
Spell: Greater Summoning: Air
Spell: Greater Summoning: Fire
Spell: Summoning: Earth
Spell: West Portal
Spell: Ro Portal
Spell: Common Portal
Spell: Cazic Portal
Spell: Nek Portal
Spell: Fay Portal
Spell: North Portal
Spell: Tox Portal
Spell: Furor
Spell: Ignite Bones
Spell: Circle of Misty
Spell: Circle of Steamfont
Spell: Circle of Feerrott
Spell: Circle of Ro
Spell: Circle of Lavastorm
Spell: Circle of Butcher
Spell: Circle of Toxxulia
Spell: Circle of Commons
Spell: Circle of Karana
Spell: Screaming Terror
Spell: West Gate
Spell: Ro Gate
Spell: Cazic Gate
Spell: Nek Gate
Spell: Common Gate
Spell: Fay Gate
Spell: North Gate
Spell: Tox Gate
Spell: Clarify Mana
Spell: Chill Sight
Spell: Ring of Misty
Spell: Ring of Steamfont
Spell: Ring of Feerrott
Spell: Ring of Ro
Spell: Ring of Lavastorm
Spell: Ring of Toxxulia
Spell: Ring of Butcher
Spell: Ring of Commons
Spell: Ring of Karana
Spell: Gaze
Spell: Yonder
Spell: Insidious Malady
Spell: Insidious Fever
Spell: Drain Spirit
Spell: Spirit Tap
Spell: Gather Shadows
Spell: Choke
Spell: Dizzying Wind
Spell: Thorncoat
Spell: Spikecoat
Spell: Bramblecoat
Spell: Barbcoat
Spell: Thistlecoat
Spell: Terrorize Animal
Spell: Calm Animal
Spell: Ensnare
Spell: Affliction
Spell: Blizzard Blast
Spell: Winter's Roar
Spell: Frost Strike
Spell: Togor's Insects
Spell: Tagar's Insects
Spell: Walking Sleep
Spell: Frenzied Strength
Spell: Tishan's Clash
Spell: Lifespike
Spell: Soothe
Spell: Bind Sight
Spell: Lesser Summoning: Air
Spell: Lesser Summoning: Fire
Spell: Lesser Summoning: Water
Spell: Lesser Summoning: Earth
Spell: Restless Bones
Spell: Leering Corpse
Spell: Enveloping Roots
Spell: Sympathetic Aura
Spell: Symbol of Naltron
Spell: Symbol of Pinzarn
Spell: Symbol of Ryltan
Spell: Symbol of Transal
Spell: Rune IV
Spell: Rune III
Spell: Rune II
Spell: Rune I
Spell: Atone
Spell: Inferno Shield
Spell: Breath of the Dead
Spell: Fire Bolt
Spell: Thunder Strike
Spell: Lightning Shock
Spell: Inferno Shock
Spell: Frost Shock
Spell: Cascading Darkness
Spell: Dooming Darkness
Spell: Boil Blood
Spell: Suffocate
Spell: Rest the Dead
Spell: Drain Soul
Spell: Siphon Life
Spell: Lifedraw
Spell: Summon Dead
Spell: Animate Dead
Spell: Crystallize Mana
Spell: Gale of Poison
Spell: Poison Storm
Spell: Envenomed Bolt
Spell: Venom of the Snake
Spell: Envenomed Breath
Spell: Fire
Spell: Shield of Spikes
Spell: Shifting Shield
Spell: Storm Strength
Spell: Strength of Stone
Spell: Share Wolf Form
Spell: Form of the Great Wolf
Spell: Greater Wolf Form
Spell: Wolf Form
Spell: Skin like Nature
Spell: Skin like Diamond
Spell: Skin like Steel
Spell: Lightning Blast
Spell: Careless Lightning
Spell: Lightning Strike
Spell: Extinguish Fatigue
Spell: Word Divine
Spell: Word of Souls
Spell: Word of Spirit
Spell: Word of Shadow
Spell: Shield of Lava
Spell: Shield of Flame
Spell: Rain of Swords
Spell: Rain of Spikes
Spell: Curse of the Simple Mind
Spell: Cast Sight
Spell: Earthquake
Spell: Tremor
Spell: Elemental: Air
Spell: Elemental: Fire
Spell: Elemental: Water
Spell: Elemental: Earth
Spell: Elementaling: Air
Spell: Elementaling: Fire
Spell: Elementaling: Water
Spell: Elementaling: Earth
Spell: Minor Summoning: Air
Spell: Minor Summoning: Fire
Spell: Diamondskin
Spell: Steelskin
Spell: Resurrection
Spell: Revive
Spell: Thicken Mana
Spell: Guardian
Spell: Resuscitate
Spell: Leatherskin
Spell: Assiduous Vision
Spell: Shock of Lightning
Spell: Frost Spiral of Al'Kabor
Spell: Resistant Skin
Spell: Column of Frost
Spell: Fingers of Fire
Spell: O`Keils Radiation
Spell: Icestrike
Spell: Shock of Fire
Spell: Fade
Spell: Numbing Cold
Spell: Sphere of Light
Spell: Shadow Vortex
Spell: Spirit Armor
Spell: Heart Flutter
Spell: Feign Death
Spell: Infectious Cloud
Spell: Wave of Enfeeblement
Spell: Convoke Shadow
Spell: Sight Graft
Spell: Heat Blood
Spell: Vampiric Embrace
Spell: Impart Strength
Spell: Dark Empathy
Spell: Shield of Thorns
Spell: Engulfing Darkness
Spell: Shadow Step
Spell: Mend Bones
Spell: Deadeye
Spell: Bone Walk
Spell: Chaos Flux
Spell: Rising Dexterity
Spell: Poison Bolt
Spell: Numb the Dead
Spell: Grim Aura
Spell: Shrink
Spell: Clinging Darkness
Spell: Siphon Strength
Spell: Locate Corpse
Spell: Lifetap
Spell: Disease Cloud
Spell: Coldlight
Spell: Cavorting Bones
Spell: Rage
Spell: Minor Summoning: Water
Spell: Minor Summoning: Earth
Spell: Shock of Flame
Spell: Phantom Leather
Spell: Shield of Fire
Spell: Reclaim Energy
Spell: Rain of Blades
Spell: Wrath
Spell: Column of Fire
Spell: Burnout
Spell: Fury
Spell: Dimensional Pocket
Spell: Shock of Blades
Spell: Eye of Zomm
Spell: Flame Bolt
Spell: Summon Wisp
Spell: Summon Heatstone
Spell: Summon Fang
Spell: Summon Bandages
Spell: Elementalkin: Air
Spell: Elementalkin: Fire
Spell: Elementalkin: Water
Spell: Resolution
Spell: Fire Flux
Spell: Valor
Spell: Summon Dagger
Spell: Flare
Spell: Shielding
Spell: Frenzy
Spell: Sanity Warp
Spell: Identify
Spell: Chase the Moon
Spell: Whirl till you hurl
Spell: Languid Pace
Spell: Memory Blur
Spell: Charm
Spell: Sentinel
Spell: Alliance
Spell: Eye of Confusion
Spell: Chaotic Feedback
Spell: Mircyl's Animation
Spell: Suffocating Sphere
Spell: Haze
Spell: Mesmerize
Spell: Enfeeblement
Spell: Color Flux
Spell: Taper Enchantment
Spell: Minor Shielding
Spell: Minor Illusion
Spell: Shallow Breath
Spell: Pendril's Animation
Spell: Spirit of Snake
Spell: Turtle Skin
Spell: Spirit Strike
Spell: Disempower
Spell: Burst of Strength
Spell: Spirit of Bear
Spell: Spirit of Wolf
Spell: Tainted Breath
Spell: Serpent Sight
Spell: Frost Rift
Spell: Scale Skin
Spell: Shield of Barbs
Spell: Spirit Pouch
Spell: Fleeting Fury
Spell: Drowsy
Spell: Feet like Cat
Spell: Strength of Earth
Spell: Inner Fire
Spell: Dexterous Aura
Spell: Cannibalize
Spell: Stinging Swarm
Spell: Skin like Rock
Spell: Cascade of Hail
Spell: Levitate
Spell: Charm Animals
Spell: Drones of Doom
Spell: Treeform
Spell: Starshine
Spell: Shield of Thistles
Spell: Invisibility vs Animals
Spell: Firefist
Spell: Whirling Wind
Spell: Invoke Lightning
Spell: Harmony
Spell: Grasping Roots
Spell: Ward Summoned
Spell: Camouflage
Spell: Lesser Shielding
Spell: Befriend Animal
Spell: Bravery
Spell: Snare
Spell: Panic Animal
Spell: Lull Animal
Spell: Flame Lick
Spell: Sense Animals
Spell: Dance of the Fireflies
Spell: Shieldskin
Spell: Invisibility vs Undead
Spell: Halo of Light
Spell: Expulse Undead
Spell: Sense Summoned
Spell: Word of Pain
Spell: Root
Spell: Fear
Spell: Endure Magic
Spell: Endure Poison
Spell: Endure Disease
Spell: Endure Cold
Spell: Endure Fire
Spell: Hammer of Wrath
Spell: Invigor
Spell: Sense the Dead
Spell: Spirit of Cheetah
Spell: Center
Spell: Ward Undead
Spell: Combust
Spell: Stun
Spell: Reckless Strength
Spell: Cure Disease
Spell: Cure Blindness
Spell: Summon Drink
Spell: Yaulp
Spell: Spook the Dead
Spell: Lull
Spell: Divine Aura
Spell: True North
Spell: Shock of Poison
Spell: Cure Poison
Spell: Courage
Spell: Flash of Light
Spell: Minor Healing
Spell: Cajole Undead
Spell: Beguile Undead
Spell: Dominate Undead
Spell: Gasping Embrace
Spell: Dazzle
Spell: Flame Flux
Spell: Entrance
Spell: Enthrall
Spell: Cajoling Whispers
Spell: Beguile
Spell: Weakness
Spell: Feckless Might
Spell: Berserker Spirit
Spell: Insight
Spell: Clarity
Spell: Benevolence
Spell: Swift like the Wind
Spell: Celerity
Spell: Alacrity
Spell: Pack Spirit
Spell: Talisman of Altuna
Spell: Talisman of Tnarg
Spell: Frenzied Spirit
Spell: Guardian Spirit
Spell: Companion Spirit
Spell: Incapacitate
Spell: Listless Power
Spell: Health
Spell: Nimble
Spell: Strength
Spell: Stamina
Spell: Dexterity
Spell: Charisma
Spell: Glamour
Spell: Agility
Spell: Furious Strength
Spell: Deftness
Spell: Raging Strength
Spell: Alluring Aura
Spell: Spirit of Ox
Spell: Spirit of Cat
Spell: Spirit Strength
Spell: Spirit of Monkey
Spell: Chloroplast
Spell: Regeneration
Spell: Sunbeam
Spell: Allure of the Wild
Spell: Beguile Animals
Spell: Savage Spirit
Spell: Feral Spirit
Spell: Pack Chloroplast
Spell: Pack Regeneration
Spell: Word of Healing
Spell: Word of Health
Spell: Blinding Luminance
Spell: Immobilize
Spell: Enstill
Spell: Divine Barrier
Spell: Shield of Brambles
Spell: Wave of Fear
Spell: Invoke Fear
Spell: Inspire Fear
Spell: Sound of Force
Spell: Force
Spell: Holy Might
Spell: Flame Arc
Spell: Rain of Lava
Spell: Blaze
Spell: Banish Undead
Spell: Dismiss Undead
Spell: Banish Summoned
Spell: Dismiss Summoned
Spell: Shock of Swords
Spell: Shock of Spikes
Spell: Malosi
Spell: Malaisement
Spell: Malaise
Spell: Elemental Armor
Spell: Elemental Shield
Spell: Burnout III
Spell: Burnout II
Spell: Summon Ring of Flight
Spell: Dagger of Symbols
Spell: Summon Coldstone
Spell: Spear of Warding
Spell: Summon Arrows
Spell: Summon Throwing Dagger
Spell: Creeping Crud
Spell: Abolish Disease
Spell: Abolish Poison
Spell: Counteract Disease
Spell: Counteract Poison
Spell: Burn
Spell: Burst of Flame
Spell: Burst of Fire
Spell: Ignite
Spell: Shadow Sight
Spell: Daring
Spell: Enduring Breath
Spell: Firestorm
Spell: Shifting Sight
Spell: Rain of Fire
Spell: Phantom Plate
Spell: Phantom Chain
Spell: See Invisible
Spell: Spirit Sight
Spell: Immolate
Spell: Engulfing Roots
Spell: Ensnaring Roots
Spell: Sicken
Spell: Group Resist Magic
Spell: Anarchy
Spell: Lava Bolt
Spell: Cinder Bolt
Spell: Bolt of Flame
Spell: Arch Shielding
Spell: Greater Shielding
Spell: Major Shielding
Spell: Resist Magic
Spell: Resist Disease
Spell: Resist Poison
Spell: Resist Cold
Spell: Resist Fire
Spell: Panic the Dead
Spell: Elementalkin: Earth
Spell: Firestrike
Spell: Frost Bolt
Spell: Abundant Food
Spell: Abundant Drink
Spell: Glimpse
Spell: Summon Food
Spell: Nullify Magic
Spell: Cancel Magic
Spell: Calm
Spell: Pacify
Spell: Yaulp III
Spell: Yaulp II
Spell: Invisibility
Spell: Weaken
Spell: Strengthen
Spell: Quickness
Spell: Lightning Bolt
Spell: Hammer of Striking
Spell: Gate
Spell: Bind Affinity
Spell: Superior Camouflage
Spell: Brilliance
Spell: Plague
Spell: Scourge
Spell: Ice
Spell: Avalanche
Spell: Pogonip
Spell: Skin like Wood
Spell: Force Strike
Spell: Shield of Words
Spell: Armor of Faith
Spell: Guard
Spell: Light Healing
Spell: Smite
Spell: Greater Healing
Spell: Strike
Spell: Complete Healing
Spell: Healing
Spell: Holy Armor
Spell: Augmentation
Spell: Superior Healing
Song: Hymn of Restoration
Spell: Ignite Blood
Mana Battery - Class Five
Mana Battery - Class Four
Mana Battery - Class Three
Mana Battery - Class Two
Mana Battery - Class One
Crystallized Pumice
Bark Potion
Crimson Potion
Fish Gill Extract
Pale Green Potion
Murky Vial
Cloudy Potion
Spring Crystal
Harvest Crystal
Ro's Breath
Lady's Mantle
Mystic Ash
Eucalyptus Leaf
Celandine Herb
Valerian Root
Blue Vervain Bulb
Wolf Blood
Night Shade
Mandrake Root
Maidenhair Fern
Sage Leaf
Potion of Sustenance
Potion of Light Healing
Potion of Disease Warding
Jumjum Juice
Jumjum Stalk
Freeport Stout
Zap Doodle Tonic
Ernele's Champagne
Drom's Champagne
Metal Disk
Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale
Battle Staff
Boot Pattern
Pant Pattern
Glove Pattern
Wristband Pattern
Sleeve Pattern
Belt Pattern
Cloak Pattern
Shoulderpad Pattern
Tunic Pattern
Gorget Pattern
Mask Pattern
Cap Pattern
Box of Lute Strings
Unfinished Brass Trumpet
Raw Bamboo
Senior Apprentice Robe*
Junior Apprentice Robe*
Crimson Sr Apprentice Robe*
Crimson Jr Apprentice Robe*
Gold Sr Apprentice Robe*
Gold Jr Apprentice Robe*
Blue Sr Apprentice Robe*
Blue Jr Apprentice Robe*
Dark Gold Sr Apprentice Robe*
Dark Gold Jr Apprentice Robe*
Green Sr Apprentice Robe*
Green Jr Apprentice Robe*
Gray Sr Apprentice Robe*
Gray Jr Apprentice Robe*
Red Sr Apprentice Robe*
Red Jr Apprentice Robe*
Violet Sr Apprentice Robe*
Violet Jr Apprentice Robe*
Purple Sr Apprentice Robe*
Purple Jr Apprentice Robe*
Dark Stained Training Robe*
Freshly Cleaned Vegetables
Old Blue Tunic*
Dark Gold Felt Robe*
Candied Spider
Fish Head Soup
Fish Fillets
Jug of Sauces
Flaming Clurg
Kiola Nut
Cup of Flour
Elven Bread
Elven Trail Mix
Royal Jelly
Vasty Deep Ale
Innoruuk's Kiss of Death
Dwarf Pickles
Black Burrow Stout
Catch-A-Lot Bait
Fishing Bait
Fishing Pole
Bottle of Milk
Tiny Dagger
Fish Scales
Rat Ears
Rat Whiskers
Snake Scales
Bat Fur
Bat Wing
A Piece of Parchment
Gypsy Wine
Fish Wine
Ogre Swill
Gnomish Spirits
Dwarven Ale
Elven Wine
Honey Mead
Short Beer
White Wine
Red Wine
Neriak Nectar
Fresh Fish
Short Ale
Meat Pie
Bottle of Kalish
Loaf of Bread
Water Flask
Iron Ration
Large Lantern
Small Lantern
Wooden Flute
Hand Drum
Purification Tablet
Frozen Toe Rum
Underfoot Triple Bock
Tunare's Finest
Lumberjack Pale Ale
Aloe Swatch
Gator Gulp Ale
Cactus Pie
Oasis Water
A Sparkling Sapphire
Fool's Gold Stein
Lendel's Grand Lager
Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000
Footman's Voulge
Wild One Wig
Ursa Tresses
Paladin Pickles
Elf Pickles
Orc Pickles
Pixie Pickles
Gnome Pickles
Human Pickles
Halfling Pickles
Wax Candle
Ship in a Bottle
Robe Pattern
Large Gauntlet Mold
Gauntlet Mold
Small Gauntlet Mold
Backpack Pattern
Quiver Pattern
Fleeting Quiver Pattern
Toolbox Mold
Boot Mold
Large Container Lid Mold
Container Lid Mold
Small Container Lid Mold
Smoker Support Mold
Large Mail Sectional Mold
Mail Sectional Mold
Small Mail Sectional Mold
Large Container Base Mold
Container Base Mold
Small Container Base Mold
Pommel Mold
Standing Legs Mold
Smoker Base Mold
Thimble Mold
Sharpening Stone
Large Leggings Sectional Mold
Large Sleeves Sectional Mold
Large Belt Sectional Mold
Large Cloak Sectional Mold
Large Mantle Sectional Mold
Large Mask Mold
Large Helm Mold
Hilt Mold
Spiked Ball Mold
Leggings Sectional Mold
Sleeves Sectional Mold
Belt Sectional Mold
Cloak Sectional Mold
Mantle Sectional Mold
Mask Mold
Helm Mold
Heavy Steel Blade Mold
Dual-Edged Blade Mold
Small Leggings Sectional Mold
Small Sleeves Sectional Mold
Small Belt Sectional Mold
Small Cloak Sectional Mold
Small Mantle Sectional Mold
Small Mask Mold
Small Helm Mold
Small Boot Mold
Hinge Mold
Scaler Mold
Bread Tin Mold
Pot Mold
Skewer Mold
Cake Round Mold
Pie Tin Mold
Muffin Tin Mold
Needle Mold
Animal Cookie Mold
Troll Cookie Mold
Gnome Cookie Mold
Barbarian Cookie Mold
Lantern Casing Mold
File Mold
Large Bracer Sectional Mold
Large Gorget Mold
Large Boot Mold
Bracer Sectional Mold
Gorget Mold
Small Bracer Sectional Mold
Small Gorget Mold
Sheet Metal
The Scent of Marr
Breath of Solusek
Blood of Velious
Arrow Shaft Mold
Large Brick of Ore
Small Brick of Ore
Small Piece of Ore
Sheet of Adamantite
Sheet of Mithril
Smithy Hammer
Small Brick of Brellium
Block of Adamantite
Small Brick of Adamantite
Block of Mithril
Small Brick of Mithril
Teir`Dal Smithy Hammer
Elven Smithy Hammer
Dwarven Smithy Hammer
Large Brick of Mithril
Large Brick of Adamantite
Large Brick of Brellium
Small Brick of Medium Quality Ore
Large Brick of Medium Quality Ore
Block of Medium Quality Ore
Medium Quality Sheet Metal
Oak Shaft
Small Brick of Unrefined Ore
Earring of Fire Reflection
Cloudy Stone of Veeshan
Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk
Empty Vial
Star of Odus
Emerald Ring
Jade Ring
Jade Earring
Silver Amulet
Silver Ring
Fire Emerald
Star Ruby
Cat's Eye Agate
Star Rose Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Copper Amulet
Gold Ring
Golden Earring
Silver Earring
Silver Stud
Pearl Earring
Spell: Shock of Frost*
Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffin
Skull Ale
Large Wooden Kite Shield
Large Wooden Shield
Large Tower Shield
Large Kite Shield
Large Targ Shield
Large Round Shield
Large Buckler
Small Wooden Kite Shield
Small Wooden Shield
Small Targ Shield
Small Round Shield
Small Buckler
Parrying Dagger
Wooden Kite Shield
Wooden Shield
Tower Shield
Targ Shield
Round Shield
Flight Arrow
Sheaf Arrow
Silk String
Linen String
Hemp Twine
Standard Bow Cam
Planing Tool
Whittling Blade
Darkwood Bow Staff
Oak Bow Staff
Ashwood Bow Staff
Elm Bow Staff
Hickory Bow Staff
Set of Ceramic Arrow Vanes
Set of Bone Arrow Vanes
Set of Wooden Arrow Vanes
Several Shield Cut Fletchings
Several Parabolic Cut Fletchings
Several Round Cut Fletchings
Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts
Bundled Ceramic Arrow Shafts
Bundled Bone Arrow Shafts
Bundled Wooden Arrow Shafts
Silver Tipped Arrowheads
Hooked Arrowheads
Field Point Arrowheads
Small Groove Nocks
Medium Groove Nocks
Large Groove Nocks
Hunting Bow
Short Bow
Throwing Axe
Throwing Spear
Throwing Knife
Combine Rapier
Combine Spear
Combine Dagger
Smithing Chisel
Well-Balanced Rapier
Rusty Spear
Rusty Rapier
Rusty Dagger
Main Gauche
Combine Great Staff
Combine Morning Star
Combine Warhammer
Forging Hammer
Rusty Warhammer
Morning Star
Two Handed Hammer
Great Staff
Fine Steel Scimitar
Combine Scimitar
Combine Short Sword
Combine Two Handed Sword
Combine Long Sword
Well-Balanced Two-Handed Axe
Well-Balanced Two-Handed Sword
Well-Balanced Scimitar
Well-Balanced Long Sword
Rusty Two Handed Sword
Rusty Scimitar
Rusty Battle Axe
Rusty Long Sword
Rusty Broad Sword
Rusty Scythe
Rusty Axe
Rusty Short Sword
Two Handed Battle Axe
Broad Sword
Two Handed Sword
Bastard Sword
Battle Axe
Long Sword
Short Sword
Large Bronze Girdle
Large Steel Kilt
Large Steel Plate Boots
Large Steel Greaves
Large Plate Gauntlets
Large Steel Bracers
Large Steel Vambraces
Large Plate Girdle
Large Splinted Cloak
Large Steel Pauldron
Large Steel Breastplate
Large Steel Collar
Large Steel Mask
Large Platemail Helm
Small Steel Plate Boots
Small Steel Greaves
Small Plate Gauntlets
Small Steel Bracers
Small Steel Vambraces
Small Plate Girdle
Small Splinted Cloak
Small Steel Pauldron
Small Steel Breastplate
Small Steel Collar
Small Steel Mask
Small Platemail Helm
Steel Plate Boots
Steel Greaves
Plate Gauntlets
Steel Bracers
Steel Vambraces
Plate Girdle
Splinted Cloak
Steel Pauldron
Steel Breastplate
Steel Collar
Steel Mask
Platemail Helm
Leather Cord
Ringmail Visor
Large Iron Boots
Large Iron Legplates
Large Chainmail Gloves
Large Chainmail Bracelet
Large Iron Armplates
Large Chainmail Belt
Large Chainmail Cape
Large Chainmail Mantle
Large Chainmail Coat
Large Chainmail Neckguard
Large Iron Mask
Large Chain Coif
Small Iron Boots
Small Iron Legplates
Small Chainmail Gloves
Small Chainmail Bracelet
Small Iron Armplates
Small Chainmail Belt
Small Chainmail Cape
Small Chainmail Mantle
Small Chainmail Coat
Small Chainmail Neckguard
Small Iron Mask
Small Chain Coif
Iron Boots
Iron Legplates
Chainmail Gloves
Chainmail Bracelet
Iron Armplates
Chainmail Skirt
Chainmail Cape
Chainmail Mantle
Chainmail Coat
Chainmail Neckguard
Iron Mask
Chain Coif
Large Steel Torque
Small Steel Torque
Steel Torque
Large Leather Kilt
Fur Lined Boots
Large Leather Boots
Large Leather Leggings
Large Leather Gloves
Large Leather Wristbands
Large Leather Sleeves
Large Leather Belt
Large Leather Cloak
Large Leather Shoulderpads
Large Leather Tunic
Large Leather Gorget
Large Leather Mask
Large Leather Skullcap
Spell: Force Shock
Small Iron Torque
Large Iron Torque
Iron Torque
Large Cloth Kilt
Fur Lined Shoes

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