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Old 10-02-2021, 05:11 AM
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Default Hyjal for GM - Classic raiding changes (99-03)

Hey guys, I just wanted to bring some attention to my application. I'm applying for GM of blue to help fix the raid scene. I've been playing on blue since week 3 of the servers life, and have been a part of just about every meta during its history. I also played on live on Bristlebane as a raid leader of Club Fu from Classic to Planes of Power.

I'd like to bring Bristlebane circa 99-03 raiding to the p99 raid scene and bring the classic experience back to the project. I'm passionate about the game, and even though I am not perfect by any means and have my history here, I believe the player base would be receptive and respect my tenure. If ya support me or don't support me, post here.

Things that will occur:

1. Dragons will be unrooted in ToV

2. Bag limits removed (Velious only or all expansions)

3. All dragons in Temple of Veeshan must be killed in the wing in which they spawn except for the following:


All dragons beyond Aary must be killed within North Wing. All west dragons must be killed in West Wing. Dozekar must be killed in East wing. This will simulate PC power from the 99-03 era and encourage guilds to strategically pull to new areas and metas (aary stairs, doubles, etc). On bristlebane, guilds regularly pulled Eashan and Ikatar to zone in due to their proximity to zone in, and COTH'd to doubles to pull deeper ToV targets.

4. King Tormax and Statue of Rallos Zek foot racing returned to COTH and kill meta

5. Dain Frostreaver - Only 1 tracker from each guild is permitted in the zone at time of spawn. All others must be camped at zone in. Trackers cannot be COTH mages or be involved in the pull in any form. This should allow proper time for quest turn ins.

6. Fear golems claim target by suicide removed

7. Tunare permitted to be killed with kiting meta

8. Ring War will now be rotated

9. COTH permitted to Final Arbitor in ST. Other golems must be pulled and killed. Only 1 tracker from each entity permitted in zone at time of spawn.

9. Guilds will be given a choice to work things out during raid altercations or have their fate decided. Guild wide raid bans will not occur, but decisions will be heavy handed.

10. Lists to be removed from game

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