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Old 12-24-2014, 12:57 PM
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Default MQ mobs with memory causing problems

I understand we're lucky to have MQs available to us, and I also understand that staff is no longer supporting people who have issues with MQs. (Well I just learned that yesterday).

The problem is MQ mobs have memory of item turn-ins for an undisclosed amount of time if the MQ wasn't completed. There's also no way for us to know if an MQ mob has already received items from a previous individual who didn't complete the MQ.

I will give you a scenario that happened to me yesterday, and resulted in me losing thousands of plat and 150+ hours of effort:

Monk Epic: Robe of Whistling Fists

1.) Player 1 (me) has Robe of the Lost Circle
2.) Player 2 and Player 3 have the chardok and KC pipe

Player 2 handed in the Chardok Pipe, Player 3 Handed in the KC Pipe and then I handed in the Robe. Before we knew what happened Player 2 received the Robe of Whistling Fists and Player 3 + Myself both lost our items.

This is a problem because an individual who was at the MQ mob earlier at some point didn't complete their turn-in. As a result we unknowingly proceeded with the MQ and it was completely botched because of the mob's memory of items - and I lost quite a bit.

Some sort of MQ memory timer is needed because this can result in a major loss to a lot of people like myself. Additionally, let me add that it's completely silly to provide a feature in a game and choose not to support it. (yes I know its a free game and I have donated to support this free game) A lot of guilds and people have monopolized epic mob camps so much that people have very little choice but to purchase MQ pieces.
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